Athena's Laser Battle Dome Create battle STRATEGIES just like Athena

Athena's symbol and logo for Athena's Laser Battle Dome is a spear
At athena's laser battle dome, you get to experience a simulation of battle strategy and warfare, which is inspired by the goddess Athena

A fun fact about our CEO, Athena, and our advertising executive, Zeus, is that Zeus had a lady friend, Metis, he was afraid that the child that she was impregnated with would overthrow him so he swallowed her. When Zeus had a horrible headache, Athena sprang from his head fully grown and fully armored.

Athena's Laser Battle dome provides food and care for children for birthday parties. Food consists of athena's sacred plant, olives, and care for children is provided by athena's sacred animal owls.
Have a lesson with ares on self defense! athena's male counterpart and the vice president of the company
Athena's laser battle dome is located at 420 olive street, Athens, the city in which Athena is the patron goddess of.
Athena's laser battle dome has a statue for the person with the most points made by the monster athena created herself, medusa

A story that is told at naptime for the birthday parties: Medusa was a girl who lived in Athens and vowed to be Athena’s priestess for life. Medusa disobeyed her and fell in love with Poseidon. To punish her Athena gave her snakes for hair and green eyes that turned anything she looked at to stone.


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