Computer applications Claire Fredrickson

Why did I take this class?

I took computer applications to improve my typing skills.

I took computer applications to learn how to use software that can help me later in life.

I took computer applications to improve my knowledge of computers and how to work with them more efficiently.

I took computer applications to expand my knowledge by stepping out of my comfort zone and working with computers which I don't particularly like.

The most important thing I learned in this class

There are many important things we learned this year in computer applications. I can't just pick one so I'm going to pick two. We learned how to put a portfolio together and how to write a resume.

My 3 Favorite Projects

I liked doing the google draw project. I like art as a whole, but I found this project super cool it was a new way to find contrast and value, a thing we use a lot in art.

I also enjoyed the canva project, being able to make business cards will be a useful tool plus it was a fun and creative process.

Lastly I thoroughly enjoyed making a portfolio. It is something hat may help me with art or jobs later in life.


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