Maple Grove

5 issues that Maple Grove is dealing with

Board of Canvass, Board of health, Administrative and Insurance Comittee, Housing Authority, and High Way safety committee

What is Administrative and Insurance Comittee?

They want to review of the paid/cost of employees living revenue, the believe that the revenue that they are being payed isn't enough to have housing, etc. but they want to fix it because for a jail officer the pay was 1.50/hour and they believe that is to low of a pay. They want to raise the pay for people work with low pay. I believe that they are doing the best thing because people working full time and getting paid very little would make me very upset, I'm happy that they did take consideration for uping the pay.

What's interesting about this is why was the pay so low? Well because tax payers in maple grove pay very low taxes.

W1888 Hofa Park Road is the address of the municipal building.

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