#iTeachDigital March 21, 2017

How Did She Make This??

Adobe Spark and Adobe Video

Can be made using an ipad, an iPhone, a chromebook, a laptop, etc!!

Padlet in the Classroom

What is Buncee??

What is Edulastic??

What About Nearpod??

Then There is Edpuzzle!!

There is one more, don't leave yet!!

One of my favorites - Quizizz!!


Created with images by geralt - "learn school student" • antoniolas - "Mouse Logitech" • Photo-Mix - "internet search engine laptop netbook" • Pexels - "apple camera iphone" • Sean MacEntee - "iPad" • Wonder woman0731 - "My classroom from my desk Room 1204" • Photo-Mix - "laptop vintage apartment" • FirmBee - "office freelancer computer"

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