Global Warming by ryan nelson

Global Warming

Rising temperatures

The rising temperatures are cause mostly by four gasses water vapor, methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide. These gasses are considered greenhouse gasses because they trap the heat and radiation from dissipating into space. Therefor the global temperatures increase the summers are longer and hotter and the winters are shorter and more mild.

Production of the greenhouse gasses.

Most of the methane is produced by living organisms. Water vapor is also produced by living organisms but most comes from the burning of any fuel.Carbon dioxide is the biggest contributor to the global warming issue is produced by the combustion of any fuel respiration and the decomposition of organisms. Nitrous oxide is mostly produced by organic fertilizers, biomass, burning nitric, acid production.

How to slow global warming

One way to slow global warming is to take a bike or other modes of transportation instead of a car. That helps reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that goes into the environment, another way to slow global warming is to limit energy usage to reduce the amount of coal that is needed to burn to keep the power flowing.

Renewable resource scientist

What they do

Renewable resource scientists study the current and new forms of renewable resources like wind, bio-diesel, solar,and other alternative fuels.

How they do it

They do research on how to make the ways of obtaining these resources less costly and more efficient by making the materiel cheaper and easier to make.They make the ways of obtaining these resources more efficient by making the equipment stronger and better at getting the resource.

Rudolf Diesel

Rudolf Diesel was both the inventor of the diesel engine and bio-diesel that's why I chose him as the renewable energy scientist.

Inventor of bio-diesel

Along with the diesel engine Mr. Diesel also invented the alternative to gasoline from pea nut oil then eventually used cooking oil. By mixing cooking oil and ethanol.

More efficient engine

The diesel engine is up to twice as efficient to gas engines with the higher compression and higher temperatures the fuel burns more completely reducing emissions.

First alternative fuels

The first alternative fuels were not available and were not very efficient.therefore were not used often.

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