Rogue One Review A Star wars story

Rogue One is Disney's latest installment to the Star Wars trilogy. Rogue one takes place before A New Hope and it is about how the rebellion got the plans for the Empires planet destroying Death Star.

Darth Vader

The film has been a major success grossing a whopping total of $700 million worldwide. It has captured the hearts of hardcore fans all around the world and is accepted as one of the greatest Star Wars films.

The Death Star

Alongside the new characters comes new Storm Troopers such as the Scarif Shore Trooper and the infamous Death Troopers. The Death Troopers serve as body guards for the immoral Director Orson Krennic

Above: Death Troopers

The Death Troopers are highly trained and are well equipped to destroy any rebels in their sight. They don't speak normally like other troopers but instead have a muffled / static voice that allows them to communicate to each other without anyone else knowing what they are saying.


The Shore Troopers are based on the exotic planet of Scarif where the empire has a large base fortified base with an impenetrable shield.

The citadel
Shield gate

Darth Vader has the most violent scene in the entire franchise when he walks through the corridor and slaughters all of the rebels as they try to take the Death Star plans through to the other end. This was the non sugar coated ending the fans were after and it truly brought out the true brutality of Vader.

Vader about to slaughter the rebels

Overall Rouge was a success for the franchise and Disney have done an amazing job and should continue the Star Wars franchise.


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