Craig French is a neo-Constructivist sculptor, whose brilliant, lyrical wall pieces have gained an international audience. Cast resins, acrylics, sheet metals, rare woods, and glass are laboriously cut, lathed, and polished into fanciful shapes - then joined and intertwined into arresting color-texture combinations.

The works conjure a multitude of Southern California moods and attitudes. From the freewheeling zest of beach boys to the contemplative aura of Asian meditation, each work speaks to a paradigm particularly rooted in the Pacific Rim. These multi-media works rest, dance, play, spin, and sing to create an abstract language inflected by many accents. Yet they all are unified by overarching themes of aesthetic optimism, joy, and a duty to fine craftsmanship.

French is in the line of the pioneering Russian Constructivists of the early 20th century who sought to elevate the abstract language of machine-age forms into art works of deep social and spiritual significance. Within their output were the first abstract walls sculptures know to Modern art. Picasso, too, would take up the mode - though more playfully - further blurring the boundary between painting and sculpture. French?s most contemporary predecessor in the field of abstract wall sculpture is the great Frank Stella whose wall works routinely fetch six figures and are found in major museums around the world.


Boeing North America, Anaheim, CA

Hughes Aircraft Naval Systems, Fullerton, CA

Hyatt Hotel, La Jolla, CA

Interlinea Italia, Puglia, Italy

Pfizer, Inc., Irvine, CA

Safeco Insurance Co., Fountain Valley & Glendale, CA

Sheraton Grande Torrey Pines Hotel, La Jolla, CA

USSO Museum, Tokyo, Japan

Wellness Center, Saarbrucken, Germany


Irvine Museum of Fine Art, The Golden Land: Then & Now

Dierlich Gallery, Recent Works, Bonn, Germany

Harajuku Art Festival, Japan

La Foret Museum, American Pop Culture, Tokyo, Japan

Museum of Neon Art, Captive Light, Los Angeles, CA

Mt San Jacinto College, Recent Works, CA

University of California Fine Arts Gallery, Group Exhibition, Irvine, CA

University of New South Wales, Selected Honors Sculpture Exhibition, Sydney, Australia


626-862-2215 • craigfrench54@gmail.com

3429 Pomona Blvd. Suite D, Pomona, CA 91768


"Winged Victory," is a 25-foot high stainless steel and glass sculpture for a corporate office park for defense contractors in Maryland.

The location adjacent to a military base and the defense contractor tenant profile ultimately became the theme. Using the classic sculpture "Winged Nike" as the inspiration, "Winged Victory" embodies the elements of the Greek Goddess: strength, speed, determination, and ultimately success. "Winged Victory" received high praise from the owner: "I find it to be very impressive and another great example of our commitment to the arts."