Good Life Tour of the Harn Museum By: Shana Dandinashira

Okakagbe Masquerade Costume by Lawrence Ajanaku

Medium of Art/Technique of the Artist: This piece of art found in the Elusive Spirits exhibit that features items of masquerades stood out to me for a variety of reasons. The vibrant colors and simple but also intricate detail in pattern caught my eye instantly. This piece is different than most as it is made out of cotton; if I had not seen this costume in person I may not have realized it was actually made out of material. The picture above does not do this piece of art justice as the colors and texture appears dull although it is very much so the opposite in reality. This artwork communicated to me feelings of ferocity and liveliness and as I read into to the piece, I learned that it represented a wealthy and beautiful female as well as an aggressive and strong male. This made me feel happy to know that Edo people from Nigeria were esteemed through these masks and costumes.

Intra-Action: Women Artists Exhibit

Design of the Museum: This is a picture inside the exhibit that displays photos empowering women. I chose to take a picture of these walls because you can see the circular curvature of the wall which also foreshadows the circularity of the entire museum. The lighting in this room was not too bright but also not too dim, some pieces of art were better lit than others which led me to believe that their significance was greater than some of the others. I loved that the giant poster that represents the team of Guerilla Girls was placed on the curved wall as it made it stand out that much more and allowing people to notice the importance of the amount of nude females in artwork compared to female artists. Overall, this exhibit made me feel well-informed and empowered by the initiative women are taking on this issue.

Cemetery of the town of Hualtla de Jimenez, Mexico by Sebastião Salgado

Art and Core Values: This piece of artwork caught my attention as it immediately made me feel a few core values, sorrow, loss and fear. This visual of a dog laying down on a stone bed in a cemetery as a women stands in the background expresses dense emotions including sadness about lost loved ones. I feel like this piece of art allowed me to appreciate people that I love and feel compassion towards others who have lost loved ones. This piece also brought out the element of fear as people of the remote town of Hualtla de Jimenz feel afraid constantly as they are subject to death due to poverty. I have a better understanding of my core values and feel as though my desire to help others has increased after learning about the background of this photograph.

Midtown Composite by Yvonne Jacquette

Art and the Good Life: I was originally drawn to this composite image of the skyline in New York City as I grew up nearby, as I child, I was always curious as to how the city operated and one day hoped to be a part of it. I believe that this piece represents achieving the good life as for me personally, living in New York City is something I wish to attain to feel fulfilled. Other things are associated with the city, of course, such as reaching success in a competitive city. Yvonne Jacquette felt similar in this approach as she felt compelled "to sketch the world below her" after being on a flight. She drew many landscapes in different perspectives and angles which allows us as the viewer to see our surroundings through a different lense. This idea is prominent in the act of seeking the good life as one must look at things from multiple perspectives to find their true meaning.

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