Santorini May 22nd to may 26th 2017

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MONDAY MAY 22ND 2017: Arrival

As you exit the cruise ship you will meet your driver and you will be transferred to the Athens airport. (the drive time is 45 minutes)

  • Flight: Athens to Santorini
  • Time: TBA

As you arrive in Santorini you will meet your driver and you will be transferred to the Canaves Oia Suites.

Santorini…amazing views, romantic atmosphere, wild landscapes and a mysterious aura will embrace your arrival! A chic island which perfectly combines the dark volcanic beaches with the cliff hanging whitewashed houses and unforgettable sunsets. You will taste awarded local wines in elegant restaurants, you can enjoy a day trip to the volcano and the beaches with your private yacht or you can just relax with a cocktail listening classic music at Franco’s… An introduction which will indulge all your senses!
Canaves Oia Suites
Room: 2 x Superior Suite with plunge pool. B&B.

TUESDAY MAY 23RD 2017: Full Day Tour of Santorini

In ancient Greece Santorini was known as ‘Strongili’ meaning: round. It was a large and wealthy island. However, about 3,600 years ago, at the height of the Minoan civilization, it was torn apart by a tremendous volcanic eruption. The devastating explosion literally ripped the island to pieces and where land stood, Santorini’s famous caldera was created.

You will drive south across the island and your first stop will be the archeological site of Akrotiri.

Akrotiri is a 5,000 year old Minoan settlement which has been preserved in ash. Indeed the town was entirely buried in the great volcanic eruption and remained untouched until it was discovered in 1967. This was possibly the most technologically advanced city of its time. The ruins are very well preserved: streets, buildings, stairs and even second floors of buildings are still visible. Here you can look at Minoan pottery and frescoes, and with a little imagination, feel what it would have been like to live in ancient Greece so many years ago.

After your visit you will proceed to the village of Pyrgos. This charming settlement dates from medieval times and is located on a hill overlooking the island. At the highest point stand the ruins of a Venetian castle and below it the village of Pyrgos.

You will then proceed a small distance to the village of Megalochori and the Venetsano winery which is located on its outskirts. Megalochori is one of the more traditional and quieter villages of the island. Here you will enjoy a short walk through the ancient streets of the village and discover Santorini as it once was. You will have the opportunity to see dwellings which were built in the traditional Cycladic architecture and to walk through the tight streets which were designed as such in order to make the village more defendable against pirate attacks.

WEDNESDAY MAY 24TH 2017: Day at Leisure

Today you will have the opportunity to enjoy your hotel and the island of Santorini at leisure.

THURSDAY MAY 25TH 2017: Private Sunset Cruise

This cruise, which lasts about 5 hours combines swimming and snorkelling, dinner on board and sailing across the sea while the sun is setting. During your tour you will have the opportunity to visit the Hot Springs, sail past the Volcano and admire the beautiful coastline and beaches, while swimming at various locations at your leisure. As the sun is setting you will make your way back towards the port and enjoy the dreamy view. The cruise includes dinner and drinks on board.

FRIDAY MAY 26TH 2017: Departure

In the morning you will meet your driver and you will be transferred to the Santorini airport for your flight to Athens.

Flight: Santorini to Athens

Time: TBA

As you exit the gate of the plane you will meet your porter who will assist with your baggage and check-in for your flight onwards.


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