Trump Criticizes Sweden Maximilian

Sweden has been letting in lots of Muslim immigrants. So he started criticizing Sweden and made up a story about a terrorist attack all by himself, not even with the permission from his cabinet. Fox news made a TV show saying that the crime rate in Sweden is going up, even though it is going down. Then Fox news blamed it on the immigrants that Sweden is letting in.

Sweden's former prime minister, Carl Bildt, stated that they normally see the United States president as "well informed" and that they were surprised that Trump criticized them. Then Trump said that the smooth immigration was fake news. So now a friendly country, Sweden, has just been criticized by our president, and we may lose a friendly country.

Sweden's own people know that the crime rate will go up, but not that high. Immigrants normally turn into good, hard-working people, and that our country was made by refugees. So an interview with a Swedish criminology student confirmed that the crime rate will definitely grow up, but definitely not double.

I think that Donald Trump needs to make sure to cross-check with different news sites other than Fox News, and that I think this is bad because he represents our country and is making up things that aren't true and hurting our country.


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