Tour of the Harn By courtney Cline


The tour to the Harn Muesem was an extraordinary experience. I really admired the way the museum was set up and many of the exhibits and pieces truly captured my attention. A multitude of the works presented in the museum encompassed culture and challenged social norms and I really appreciated that aspect of my tour. Reflecting on the tour and even within the tour itself, I was really moved by the different pictures and topics of the photos and was extremely grateful to be able to connect to strongly to the artwork I discuss in my Art in the Good Life Section.

Medium of the art

An image of myself with El Anatsui Old Man’s Cloth (2003)

This exhibit truly evokes many emotions that are largely in part to the medium of art that is used for the piece. El Anatsui's Old Man's Cloth cannot be translated through a two dimensional piece of art in that the material used to create this piece of art is helpful in conveying the meaning of the work itself. The work surrounds the significance of colonialism and the materials exemplify this. The materials of bottle caps are representative to the traded goods that influenced parts of Africa, and Kente cloth that are part of women's dress in areas of Africa. The medium of the art evokes emotion in me that there is negativity surrounding this colonialism. It evokes an emotion of sadness in that it looks disoriented and almost crumpled. The combination of various colors and materials helps portray the entropy of this work and leads me to believe that entropy multiplied as colonialism spread through Africa.


Myself standing in the middle of the David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing in the Harn Museum

The way the museum was curated was irrevocably interesting and the design especially in this wing of the museum was encapsulating. Entering the wing with the smaller pieces in the perimeter of the wing followed by the two larger pieces lying in the center really grasped my attention because it was like a gradual build up to such large pieces and the direction that I am looking in the photograph was incredulously breath taking with the garden being outdoors with a walkway and an array of foliage. As a person entering this wing, it was aesthetically pleasing to walk in with natural lighting and almost l like a pathway of art with a natural environment in the background.

Art and core values

Myself with Guerrilla Girls’ Definition Of Hypocrite (1990)

This piece was a part of the Modern Collection in the museum and while it doesn't appear to look like tradition art, it is just as thought provoking as art should be and is a part of the 'Guerilla Girls' Feminism Movement concerning the lack of female artists in museums unless their bodies are being objectified. This entire collection was very infuriating to me as a woman and even as a human being and I think it did a very good job of really exemplifying a gender gap in a way that many people might not even realize. I certainly had no idea that a plethora of museums don't showcase women's work like they do for men and this caused me to realize how there is still so much left to do to gain equality between genders despite having come very farm.

Art and the good life

A photograph of myself with Eija-Lissa Attila's Scenographer's Mind VIII (2002)

The theme of the Good Life can be found in an array of these works throughout the Harn Muesem however, this picture really connected to the idea of what I hope my good life to look like in the future. This artwork is about the woman's role of a mom and some sort of designer as she is building this prototype or design of sorts. She is working to create and at the same time tending to something that she created. While they are two different types of creation, I find the worlds colliding between work and relationships as very powerful especially because this is baby and parents help create a life for you as you grow up. I procure a myriad of career goals and hope to become a pediatric oncologist but, I also hold the dream of becoming a mother while managing work and helping others and helping my family. One time I had a teacher in high school tell me, "I see you as a mother. I see you going for your goals but also being a mother". And this was very interesting to me because that is exactly what I want: a family and to help others through my career. Thus, the crossing of the two in this work was extremely touching to me that one can truly have both and achieve their good life in their own way by creating it.


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