Harn Museum An Emma Devine Original

Medium/Technique of the Artist: Armando Morales is the artist behind this work Bodegon (Still Life). Morales was Nicaraguan and generally worked on paintings and graphic work that captured geometry as a central theme. Morales worked meticulously with many layers of printed translucent colors to create a voluminous and holographic/iridescent finish in Still Life. The role of spatial geometry adds to the dimension of the pear and apple, making the fruit appear heavier and multidimensional. This is particularly striking to me because I am drawn to multidimensional and iridescent artwork because of how much effort went in to produce that effect. The finish and the multiple layers stimulate your sight and draw you in.
Design of the Museum: The ceramic wing of the museum definitely caught my attention the most. The Harn Museum worked to present the ceramic artwork using an elegant yet modern template. This was extremely well done and definitely stood out in my mind.
Art and Core Values: This icon of Buddha made from Stucco was made in the 4th-5th century near Pakistan and Afghanistan. Buddha's right hand broke off, however, his hand would've faced palm outward in a hand gesture that meant reassurance. I hold reassurance as one of my core values because I believe everyone needs comfort and reassurance at some point; to me, reassurance is a branch of compassion, which is my staple value. Everything I do I strive to do out of compassion.
Art and Core Values: I couldn't decide on only one piece to use as my Core Value, and this painting of a mother and her child coincide with the above core value of reassurance. The Mirror by Helen Hyde is what appears to be a watercolor image of a woman holding her happy baby. The painting is a depiction of motherly tenderness and kindness, both of which are also staples in my values. I adore kids and I center a lot of my activities and values around children.
Art and the Good Life: The Wounded Deer by esteemed Frida Kahlo is an oil painting of a deer with arrows pierced through its body and Kahlo's face on the head of the deer. This symbolizes the taxing physical ailments she suffered through her lifetime and how she persevered and continued through hope. A factor/theme of the good life is having hope and persevering because of that hope and despite adversity. The good life is about healing and continuing when it is hardest to move forward.

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