Mindset Evolution DAN NEDDO

Growing up, I was the perfect child of the 80s

  • I was healthily obsessed with Star Wars
  • I was one of the original "Latchkey Kids"
  • Going to the Arcade was a religious experience that I was a grand disciple of
  • My parents were not educated past high school and higher education was never an option that I had considered
  • I had the feeling that I was bright, but I was more concerned about being a good worker in the future rather than anything else
  • I barely passed high school and never really planned anything past the last day of school
  • I felt comfortable with my future and knew that I would not want for more than what I needed

When I was 18, I traveled with a high school program to Germany. It was one of the most important event in my life because it gave the desire to more than I ever thought that I would. I decided that if I ever really wanted more out of my life, I had better get an education.

My Personal Growth

Even though I did not think that I was prepared for it, I attend college classes

  • After dropping out twice, I finally graduated from Boise State University with a double major in Business Management and Human Resources Management
  • Years later, I attended Northwest Nazarene University where I earned a Masters in Educational Leadership

I am the first in my family to have attended college

My own children are excited for the opportunity for what higher education can do for them and their lives

I wanted to travel the world, and so I joined the United States Coast Guard

  • I lived for a year and a half in Honolulu, Hawaii
  • My training took place outside the battlefields of Yorktown, VA
  • I served on the USCG Cutter Morgenthau
  • With the Morgenthau, I traveled from the Arctic Circle to the Marshall Islands

As I continued to focus on my growth, I found my faith and true purpose here on the Earth

  • I married my beautiful wife for time and all eternity
  • Together we created a beautiful family of five children
  • I live to serve my Heavenly Father and my brothers and sisters

My Mindset Today

  • The capacity that people have in themselves to grow, is something that I really admire
  • I understand that people have limitations that might hinder them, but I believe that people can do anything that they put their minds to
  • I still struggle with many challenges, but I am always uncomfortable when I find myself wondering about something that I cannot do
  • We are on this blessed Earth to learn and to grow and we are all capable of growth

So many people and experiences have shaped me more into the person that hope to one day be

  • My Heavenly Father
  • Wife
  • Children
  • Friends
  • Family

How I Chang my Mindset about myself and others

  • Recognize that we are all children of a loving Heavenly Father
  • Reflect on where I have been and where I am going. I can't believe my journey
  • Testify to others what we are capable of when we just try and perservere
  • Never stop learning nor loving

How can I help change my student's Mindsets?

  • Tell them my story! If I can make it, anyone can
  • Give my students opportunities to fail and help them learn from their failures
  • Always use the vocabulary of a growth mindset
  • Praise always and confirm when students are not living up to their potentials

Every day in my classroom, I have my students read a statement out loud. For me, it personifies a growth mindset and I would love to have all of the students in my school own it and know that what it says is true.


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