Environmental Issues in india By Lindsey Cheng, Ms. Wiegand C Period


My Research Question:

How are environmental issues such as global warming, air/water pollution, and too much trash related to Hinduism and the cultural history of India?


Environmental issues such as climate change and air/water pollution pose a security threat to India because they destabilize the region and cause problems not only for Indian citizens, but for the people in neighboring countries as well. Rising temperatures due to global warming caused by car emissions and chronic diseases that develop from water pollution and crop contamination create many issues that will need to be addressed if India wants to prevent bigger problems in the future. http://tecake.in/news/science/india-needs-serious-efforts-toward-environmental-issues-national-security-25704.html


India has a population of 1.25 billion. It has the second biggest population in the world. Trash is a huge problem all over the world in countries with large populations and big cities. Big industries such as steel production cause a lot of waste by product. However, certain companies in India are trying to treat their water and waste to reduce pollution. http://www.dw.com/en/mountains-of-trash-indias-waste-problem-part-iii/a-36493138


Recycling is one way to reduce waste, as well as reinvesting a small percentage of the companies' profits to social and environmental programs to help reduce pollution. India's government actually requires large companies to do this. So, company that once only created waste are now part of the solution to try and reduce pollution in India. http://www.dw.com/en/mountains-of-trash-indias-waste-problem-part-iii/a-36493138


Siri Anil Madhav Dave, the Minister for Environment India, hopes that the Pavilion will help spread information on India's approach to fighting climate change. He encourages a mass movement of many united nations working together to battle global warming.

This cooperation will hopefully lead to innovation ideas and solutions. Panel discussions, documents, and presentations will be used to present these ideas. Visitors and invited experts will also get an opportunity to discuss and come up with new solutions and ideas. http://think.galegroup.com.ezy.hmsl.sirsi.net/ic/gic/NewsDetailsPage/NewsDetailsWindow?disableHighlighting=false&displayGroupName=News&currPage=&scanId=&query=&source=&prodId=GIC&search_within_results=&p=GIC%3AOVIC&mode=view&catId=&u=nysl_me_horman&limiter=&display-query=&displayGroups=&contentModules=&action=e&sortBy=&documentId=GALE%7CA469783707&windowstate=normal&activityType=&failOverType=&commentary=


Students of Nazareth Academy in Gaya took a pledge to proactively protect the earth and the environment. It is an annual cultural function held at the school that makes students think about environmental issues and how they can contribute to finding a solution.

A Hindi play was performed to portray the injury caused to the earth through reckless deforestation, lack of vision, poor planning, and wrong religious practices that damage the eco-system and create disease and disaster.

The play also addressed growing non-vegetarianism (against Hinduism), which contributes to increasing environmental problems. District Magistrate Kumar Ravi praised the school for teaching children values outside the classroom setting alone. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/gaya/Gaya-school-kids-vow-to-protect-environment/articleshow/55692719.cms


By studying Hinduism and traditional Indian culture and values, students can learn how to apply those concepts to help battle global warming and environmental pollution problems in the present. The wisdom of Hindu eating habits and living a simple lifestyle, can translate into less pollution and less wasted resources created by modern Indians who want to drive cars and eat meat.

Also, by working together with other countries, students and experts from all nations can combine their ideas and resources to come up with new and exciting ways to solve our mutual climate change and pollution problem in the world today. Not one person or country can do it alone, it must be a joint effort.

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