Prosper Band News September 18, 2020

Week of September 21

Monday - WW, Brass & Percussion 4:45pm - 7:00pm @ PHS Band Slab; Color Guard 5:30pm - 7:30pm @ PHS Turf Field

Tuesday - No Rehearsal

Wednesday - No Rehearsal

Thursday - WW, Brass & Percussion 4:15pm - 7:00pm @ PHS Band Slab; Color Guard 5:30pm - 7:30pm @ PHS Turf Field

Friday - 1st Football Game!!!!! Call time @ Children's Health Stadium 5:45pm (see drop off & pick-up below)

Saturday Rehearsal - TOMORROW

We will host our first Saturday morning rehearsal at the Children's Health Stadium on Saturday, September 19th from 9am to 11am involving the full Prosper Mighty Eagle Band (Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion & Color Guard). We will be going over the procedures of entering and exiting the stadium adhering to COVID restrictions. We will also use this time to practice on the field.

Meet The Eagles

Meet The Eagles will be held on Saturday, September 19th at the Children's Health Stadium. This yearly event features all of the spirit and athletic groups and is a great community celebration. We hope to see you there!

Meet: Children's Health Stadium

Call Time: 5:30pm to around 8:30pm

Where To Park/Dropoff/Pickup: South parking lot (behind the scoreboard)

What to Wear: Black Shorts, Prosper Band Dry Wick Shirt & Athletic Shoes.

What to Bring: Instrument & Water Bottle

Early Rehearsal on Thursday with the Talonettes

We will be beginning Thursday's rehearsal early so that we can run through the Talonette piece of the week with the Talonettes. The rehearsal will begin at 4:15pm. Please ensure you are on time!

Our First Football Game!!!!

It is FINALLY here! Our first HOME football game of the season will take place on Friday, September 25th at the Children's Health Stadium.

Uniforms will be passed out this next week to take home throughout the season. In previous years we were able to change at school; however, students will be released directly after school to eat, change into their uniform and meet at the Children's Health Stadium at 5:45pm in the South parking lot (located behind the scoreboard).

Students should plan to arrive at the Children's Health Stadium in FULL UNIFORM with their instrument fully assembled and with their filled water bottle. All cases should be kept in student/parents cars for casing/uncasing before and after the game.

All Prosper Band Students will be given snack sacks as they enter the stadium. Due to COVID restrictions, there will be no 3rd period release for concessions. All snacks will be pre-packaged.

Students that are dropped off should be picked up in the same location (south parking lot behind the scoreboard) after the game concludes. Students will be dismissed after the band area is clean and clear.

Parent tickets are available by following the instructions sent out a few weeks ago through band news.

Corporate / Parent Fundraiser

Dear Prosper Band Supporters (Preset, Past and Future)

We really need your support this year. You can support your band by taking a look at the attached flyer and forwarding it to anyone you know. Our sponsorship and fundraising activities really support your band program in making it the best. It allows us to succeed and work with some outstanding professionals. Furthermore, it allows us to defray student costs.

If you own a business, we will partner with you and market your products and services. We promise to drive band members and other Prosper High School supporters to you and your business.

You can also donate as a parent and support your band program. Please take a look at the attached flyer.

We are also looking for any parent volunteers that are interested in contacting places of businesses for donations.

Questions? Please contact Jon Kundak at jaok@msn.com

Did Someone Say Parade?????

YES!!!!!! PHS will host the annual Homecoming Parade on Wednesday, October 14th, so mark your calendar! More information to come!

Want More Pictures?

Would you like to see more pictures of our students during rehearsals and other events? Check out the PHS Mighty Eagle Band SmugMug Page accessed through the band website under the "information" tab or accessed through the link below.

If you are good with a camera and would like to help take photos, videos or would like to help with other media outlets, please fill out this google form.