Newfoundland and Labrador Kylee copeland

Newfoundland and Labrador, a province, is located in Canada which is north of the United States of America. Canada borders the United States of America's northern border.

Newfoundland and Labrador's capital is Saint John's. Newfoundland's population is 528,448 people. A major city in Newfoundland is Gander. Newfoundland has beautiful beach-side views.

Flag of Newfoundland and Labrador

The flag was officially adopted on June 24, 1980. The blue triangles are a tribute to their british heritage. The red triangles represent the land and island that the province is made of.

The otter prefers the shores of deep, clear, water such as lakes or ocean shores that Newfoundland provides.

Muskrats prefer to live in rivers or lakes. Newfoundland has plenty lakes and rivers.

The pitcher plant grows in damp soil. Newfoundland has damp soil from the lakes, rivers, and ocean.

Foods that the people in Newfoundland eat are Cod, Halibut, and Lobster.

The Gros Mourne National Park has many breath-taking views that you can't see anywhere else. These views will show from canyons to mountains.

In the Terra Nova National Park you will see many mountains and walk along shores.

At the Western Brook Pond you can take ferry rides and see mountains and take pictures on the huge boulders.

Tourist attractions in Newfoundland are Cape Spear (bottom), East Coast Trail (top right), and Signal Hill (top left).
Three festivals the people in Newfoundland enjoy include, Gros Mourne Summer Music Festival (top), The Iceberg Festival (bottom left), The Feather and Folk Nature Festival (bottom right).
David Blackwood is an artist from Newfoundland. He has drawn "Lost Party At Sea" and many more.

Newfoundland is a wonderful province that has beachside views and a beautiful wildlife variety. There are many festivals you can visit and eat, read, listen to music. You can do whatever you think is fun. Come visit the gorgeous Newfoundland and Labrador.


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