Heavy Metal Music Literacy and its benefits Elijah Torres

When most people think of heavy metal music they think it is nothing but loud noise and lyrics are all about hate. Some may even say there is no musical literacy behind the genre. Is it music literacy? Of course it is.

The reason i say the genre is musical literacy is because the band it self works just as if it was a smaller more aggressive symphony. The band has to make sure the drums, bass, guitars and lyrics come together.

If the band members did not practice and make sure their music came in perfect harmony then yea it might as well be a bunch of silverware being thrown out on the floor.

According to the National Association for Musical Education, they say " He or she is able to perform music in a manner that illustrates careful preparation and reflects an understanding and interpretation of the selection." As far as i can tell I am sure metal bands follow those guidelines.

Another debate is whether or not heavy metal music is a corruption to the listeners mind and offers no benefits to the fans. Again, i argue that the music itself and the community it offers can actually befit the listeners on a personal level and even an academic level.

One of the biggest benefits of heavy metal music is it can be a release for those who have stress, depression or anger issues. In a article titled " Extreme Metal Music and Anger Processing " there was an experiment done where they would have fans of heavy metal make themselves mad and then chose a metal song of their choice. Once they started listening to the song of their choice they notice their heart rate went back to normal. This shows how the music can be beneficial to someone on a personal level.

instead of turning to drugs or alcohol for an escape of stress and anger it is obviously better to chose aggressive heavy metal music.

Also if you are feeling slow or lack motivation, heavy metal can most definitely help with getting your adrenaline going. whether its to help you stay up to write a paper or just trying to get that extra pump at the gym

Another misconception is that people who listen to any heavy metal music is that they are senseless morons that just bang their heads. I would like to argue that heavy metal music can actually benefit people on a academic level. One example is that the music can actually make the listeners think more. With the vast variety of songs one can spark ones interest and have them research even further into the subject.

The song Rime of The Ancient Mariner by the band Iron Maiden is a shorter version of the poem with the same titles by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Other examples would be like the song Angel of Death by the band Slayer that talks about certain moments in World War Two. With songs like this being made they can spark an interest in the listener and have them do more research.

Another way i argue that heavy metal music can help on an academic level is its a lot like reading a book but more intense. In order for the listener to get the best experience of the music they must analyses the music carefully which makes them think more.

Work cited :Sharman, Leah, and Genevieve A. Dingle. “Extreme Metal Music and Anger Processing.” Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, Frontiers Media S.A., 2015, www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4439552/.

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