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New York City-10/15/16

Today I landed at JFK airport in NYC. I called a cab to take me to 5th ave. as soon as I got my luggage. I got out an walked right into St. Patricks Cathedral. The building itself is over 138 years old. The inside has large stained glass windows and rows of candles. Some were lit and others weren't. You can light a prayer candle for a loved one or really just anyone. Hidden between the rows of pews are people in peace enjoying the presence of the Lord.


Today I got to visit the Jordan River. It's a beautiful, peaceful place. There were many people wearing white gowns waiting to get baptized. The Jordan River is a special place for Christians because in the bible Jesus asked John the Baptist to baptize him and help him show his love for his father. So many people come here to announce their faith in baptism in the same place Jesus did.




Today I visited Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Temple Mount is recognized in both Islam and Judaism. It's believed that this is where Abraham offered up his son in sacrifice. King Solomon first built the temple but the Babaloynians came a destroyed it. But then he built the Second Temple in its place. The temple is pictured below. Visiting the Mount for Jews is actually quite controversial. It's because all non-Muslim prayer is prohibited. They do that to not offend the Muslims.

Second Temple, Temple Mount in Jerusalem-4/23/16


Dome of the Rock-5/3/16

Located in the holy land, this mosque is defiantly one of the most recognizable ones. It wasn't intended to be a mosque, it was meant to be a shrine for pilgrims. But according to traditions, it was built to commemorate Muhammad's ascension into heaven after his night journey.


The Kaaba or Ka'ba is by far the holiest place for the Islam faith. According to the Qur'an this was built by Abraham. The Haram Mosque was built around it and it was built because of it. They open this 15 days before Ramadan for "cleaning day".



This is a picture of the Lumbini in Nepal. According to the Buddhist faith, this is the area where Lord Buddha was born. The remains of this building contain important facts about the buddhist pilgrimage. People still continue to work on this building and put up prayer flags. If you help out with any part of this building it's considered good karma.


This is the Bodhi Tree. Buddha was said to meditate underneath this tree for 7 days and not move at all. During the 2nd week he practiced walking mediation. Then for another week he contemplated to tree. Lotus' have been placed all around the tree and fence.


Benares, India-1/21/16

Benares is said to be the most holy sight in the Hindu faith. Benares has over 2 thousand temples and half a million idols. Most of the idols are dedicated to Shiva and his family. Shiva is the supreme being that creates, protects, and transforms the universe.

Ayodhya, Faizabad- 1/14/16

Ayodhya is said to be the birthplace of Lord Rama.The spot of his birth is marked by a temple which was demolished and replaced by a mosque.

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