A.B Graham the inventor of 4-H

His Life

  • He was born in 1868
  • He died January 14, 1960
  • He was an agriculture extension pioneer
  • He held the first meeting january 14, 1902
  • A.B Graham was the person who brought 4-H all over the U.S
  • 4-H was invented for kids to have fun and learn something new.
  • There are different things are parts in 4-H. they is the project side of things there is clubs and agriculture
  • PROJECTS. you make something at home and take it to the fair to get judged for a ribbon. But its not about what you get at the for its what you learn and the experience when you made the project.
  • CLUBS. A group of people gather together and do a project or talk about the upcoming events and go to curtain places to learn out new places.
  • AGRICULTURE. this is were you buy a lamb (s) and take care of it and train it so all for legs are square and the animal looks its best. You can show lots of animals at the fair. Sheep, goats, cows, horses, pigs, chickens, bunnies, ducks, geese. its all about the experience of owning an animal and being responsibly for a life. its fun and hard work be in the end its fun and a great thing to do.


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