IZZY Humane society

OUR CAMPUS we have a nice ranch house in the country, where our dogs are free to roam around and play. This allows the dogs to socialize with each other and it allows our staff to determine who is good with other dogs and who is not. The ranch is a one-story house, with 3 acres of land for the dogs to run around in.

VIEWING HOURS Monday- Saturday 7:00 am- 7:30 pm Sunday 8:00 am- 6:00 pm


VOLUNTEER we accept volunteers age 14+

OUR MISSION  STATEMENT our mission is to find homes for as many dogs as we can. We pledge to always have the cleanest and best environment as we can provide for the dogs. We have been finding homes for dogs for the past 20 years.


This is cocoa. She is an adorable six week old boxer puppy. She is playful and gets along with other dogs as long as they are patient. She loves to cuddle and will cheer you up when you are sad.
This is princess. She is a 5 year old yorkie mix. She will need to go to a home with kids over 8 years old, because she is protective of her food and toys. She will also need to be the only dog in her new home because she does not get along with other dogs. She is fine with cats as long as they establish boundaries.
This is Old Dan. He is a 9 year old coon hound. He needs to go to a home where he can run and hunt. He is very friendly, but would not make a good companion if he was not allowed to hunt. He loves to travel, so feel free to take him on vacation and to competitions.
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