My Tour of Harn By Emily Dwyer

Medium of Art: Old Man's Cloth

The technique used to create this work of art is so impressive; the artist literally weaved metals together to create a seemingly flowing material. The intricate detail used is one that one must see in person to truly understand the talent and vision. Initially I was just told of this unique work and thought nothing of it; but when I saw it in person, I understood why it is so popular. I can not imagine how one can even begin to start a piece like this, let alone make it cohesive and blend.

Design of Museum

The layout of the piece drew me in instantly; I was intrigued as to what these egg-shaped things were and went over to investigate immediately. These three elements were laying on a flat, white table alone in the middle of a room.The lights were shone on it so the details of the art stood out. This particular work was found in the woman's wing of the museum, highlighting women-created artwork. The isolation of this piece combined with how the piece itself is presented, with all the space in between each individual object, is very different and appealing.

Art and Core Values

This sculpture of the Hindu god Shiva represents one of my core values which is religion. Although I am a practicing Roman Catholic, I understand the role of art in religion. It serves as a visual representation of the intangible belief that many have who hold faith to a particular religious sect. I love how this particular piece comes with a guide to further explain each individual aspect of the sculpture, so the viewer know what the author's intent was with it's creation. It is argued that art s up for interpretation, but when it comes to religion pieces I believe that the authors' intent should be made clear as to what they were trying to achieve with his/her tribute.

Art and the Good Life

This photo, Wangechi Gold 6, expresses the pressure of female beauty and status. Marilyn Minter's work in provocative and flashy, which many women in today's society believes that to be the correct way to act. In The Good Life class, students are challenged to try to find what makes their life have meaning and what motivates them. For many women especially, societal pressures can hinder their path to this sort of enlightenment. This piece serves as an "in-your-face" reality and judgment of that particular side of society, where this young woman has been painted up and adorned with gold, a highly valued and materialistic good.
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