Mississauga 2.0 By: Jashan and Ayman

Today we will be talking about how to change waste management, transportation, energy and water, and also urban sprawl for the future of Mississauga.

Waste management

Waste management in Mississauga has gotten a lot better in the past years as the government has decided to create these new and improved garbage bins which have many benefits such as, they stop garbage from blowing away, keep pests out and that they have wheels which make them easier to easier to move. These new garbage bins are also in other cites such as Brampton, Scarborough, Toronto and many more. These bins cause a reduction in landfill waste but a higher waste collection costs added since 1999. Even if the cost is higher, this helps communities out a lot as it's easier for the residents to move their bins since they have wheels, they have also created locks on the bins to keep animals from tipping over this bin and eating what is inside of it. What we can do help waste management in Mississauga is when throwing away garbage make sure you tie it up with a bag so nothing is loose, stop littering and make sure you help out the garbage trucks by placing the garbage bin in the requested place since the automated machine picks it up.

The garbage bins being distributed to residents
The three new types of garbage bins


Mississauga is a rapidly growing community and because of that the streets are becoming extremely crowded in the afternoon and that since the streets are crowded, it takes longer to get to point A to point B which causes our cars to run for longer increasing the rate of fuel emissions. I think that we can can fix this problem by creating streetcars on major roads and increase the number of buses, then encouraging people to take the bus by lowering the bus and streetcar fares in general, so since it’s cheaper more people might decide to take the bus more often and take streetcars more often too. This can reduce a lot of the fuel emission in Mississauga because a lot of people can fit into a bus or streetcar meaning that if they is more people being taken can reduce fuel emissions because instead of each person driving a separate car they are taking one bus/streetcar.

The current busing company in Mississauga
The current Mississauga busing route
A streetcar in Toronto that can be implemented into Mississauga's streets

Energy and Water

In Mississauga, everyday a lot of water and energy is being consumed and the average person spends around $200 monthly on basic utilities such as electricity, water, heating and garbage collection. The way we can reduce that cause is by changing our outlook on water consumption, what that means is that we have to stop thinking of how we used to and that is "we have a limitless amount of water", the cause of us thinking that way is we waste water unnecessary because we have it. Also the average Canadian uses around 329 litres of water per day but the average person in Munich, Germany uses only around 100 litres per day, but what does that say about Canadians? It means that we use more water then we need causing our utility bills to be much more expensive.

The Global water footprint and Canada is among the highest

Urban Sprawl

As more and more people are coming to Ontario the more land is needed for people to live which means, they need to get rid of other land which basically is farm land. The farmers are asked to sell their land to be built for homes, highways, malls and other types of infrastructure, due to the new rate of people that are coming in the area and if this keeps going, we will be losing a lot of farms. As less Greenland is leaving and more pollution is evolving, it's just damaging the environment even more. The city will need to make the farmland more sustainable by paying attention to the bigger picture as we are creating more pollution and losing agriculture, by removing the farms because of the homes and infrastructure.

Cities surrounding
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