Marketing to kids Kid-friendly packaging takes off


Marketers in every sector aim to serve up a fresh selection of products appealing to parents and kids as summer vacations comes to a close, and produce snack packs fit the bill.

Dole Food Co., Westlake Village, Calif., in June received the United Fresh Innovation Award in the Best New Packaging category for its snack-size packages of strawberries, and the company plans to expand upon that success, said Bil Goldfield, director of corporate communications.

“Dole will introduce a blueberry variety of Dole Go Berries! later this year,” Goldfield said.

Besides appealing to consumers who want to eat berries away from home, the Go Berries! packaging suggests superior freshness.

Dole user tests found “the perception that the snack-sized packs would keep berries fresher than conventional packaging” a top reason consumers would buy the product.

Stemilt Growers LLC, Wenatchee, Wash., is once again relying on kid-friendly packaging as summer turns to fall through its Lil’ Snappers line of apples and pears.

Lil’ Snappers made its debut in 2011 as 3-pound bags of fruit, a very intentional size, said communications manager Brianna Shales.

“With 10-12 pieces of fruit in these bags, a family with two kids can buy one bag and have enough for both kids to have fruit with their lunches for the week,” Shales said.

With seven varieties of apples and five varieties of pears to choose from, the Lil’ Snappers line aims to appeal to children with a range of tastes.

“We have more common varieties, as well as varieties like Honeycrisp, Pink Lady and Piñata, so each child can choose apples they like,” Shales said.

All varieties under the Lil’ Snappers label are produced and sold organically as well as well as conventionally, she said.

Meanwhile, Sun Pacific Marketing, Pasadena, Calif., expects its Cuties Lil’ Zipper and Mighties Fuzzy characters to appeal to kids and families alike. The company added sunglasses to Lil’ Zipper to give it a summertime feeling.

In particular, the packaging on Mighties is meant to show people how easy eating a kiwi can be, said Victoria Nuevo-Celeste, vice president of marketing at Sun Pacific.

“Some of our packages even include a ‘spife,’ a combination spoon and knife utensil, to make it even simpler,” Nuevo-Celeste said.

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