Mountain View News Term 1 Week 8

Head of Junior School

In Primary, we have been taking part in many events throughout this school term.

For the last four weeks, the Year 1 to 6 have been doing swimming lessons at our local swimming pool. This has helped the students to become water wise, as well as develop some life-saving swimming skills.

I want to acknowledge Mikaela, Riley from Year 4, Kayley, Lakshmi, Mackenzie from Year 5 as well as Fiona from Year 6, who took part in CSSA West Met Zone Swimming Carnival on the 2nd of March. Riley then moved up to represent our school at the CSSA State Zone.

Congratulations to the whole team that took part in the various events. You did us all proud!

Last week we had our very first Week of Worship for this year and what a blessing it was. We were able to receive a daily message by Miss Sharee on how we can be Conquerors in our daily lives. It was wonderful to also have the parents take part in this amazing event.

This term the Primary students have also been learning about our school values. In class they have been discussing each value, Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Initiative (R.I.C.I). They have been looking at how it looks like at home, when at school, as well as with their family and friends.

Our Junior Prefects, Aambr, Arnav, Eshaan, Kelicia, Luciana and Riley, have been at our front gates every morning. They have been greeting all our students on arrival. The Prefects have also been busy coming up with ideas for fundraising. Watch out for their ideas in the weeks and terms to come.

Mrs Paula Musa

Head of Junior School

Chaplain's Address

Week 7 was a huge highlight for us as we had our first Week of Worship for 2021. This week is always a special week for us because it gives us the opportunity to come together in worship each day with our cohort and be encouraged, challenged and inspired by the elements of the program and especially our messages from our guest speakers.

Our theme for this week of worship was “More than Conquerors” and our guest speaker for junior school was miss Sharee Patrick, a final year theology student of Avondale College. She encouraged the kids throughout the week that because of God’s love and purpose for our lives we are more than our situation, more than our mistakes and we can be more like Jesus and become more than conquerors. The kids had a great time learning from her and leading out in the praise and worship and special items each day.

Our guest speaker for middle and senior school was Cassie Wallace, chaplain of Hurstville Adventists school. Cassie shared her life experiences with our kids and her testimony about how God has been in her life through all the high’s and low’s. She also shared her talent and gift of music with the kids throughout the week and encouraged the kids to know that God is the one that can empower them to conquer their fears, pressures, heartbreak and loss and that He has a massive plan for their lives. we were all richly blessed by the ministry of both Sharee and Cassie during that week.

The SRC also ran special lunchtime activities throughout the week like Donuts for sale on Monday to raise funds for women shelters, free pancakes with the pastors on Tuesday and a touch football competition on Thursday. It was great to see so many kids involved in all the activities and so many smiles all around our school because of what they experienced in chapel and what they enjoyed out during lunch.

The chaplaincy team would like to extend a huge thank you to all those that helped make this Week of Worship a huge success. Thank you to the SRC team and Miss Q for running all the activities at lunch. Thank you Mr Erceg, Mr Ropati and Miss Hick for all the support and nurturing of our music teams. Thank you to the local church pastors that came throughout the week to pray over the kids and show their love and support for our school and thank you to all the parents that came to enjoy our services as well. And we can’t forget all our students who led out in junior school, middle school and senior school. Thank you for all the hard work you put in to making this week an amazing experience for your peers. It’s been such a blessing to gather together, sing together and have our families in attendance for these special events. We hope that the blessings of last week may continue to overflow into the weeks to come.

Mountain View Chaplaincy team

Stage 3 Basketball Gala Day

Macarthur Adventist College hosted our Stage 3 boys and girls basketball team at Minto Indoor Sport Centre on Thursday 18th March 2021.

The girls team started off their rounds with some tough and tall competition. They lost their first few rounds but finished off on a high with some massive point scoring wins. They did well to encourage each other and continue pushing on throughout the day.

The boys team also had some fierce competition but were undefeated all the way through to their last round. They made it through to the finals and the scores were close, but they unfortunately lost by one point. It was tough to admit defeat, but it was nice to see them still able to smile and laugh on the Bus trip home.

We are super proud of both our teams as it was great to see that even though both teams were defeated, they represented our school well. They showed a lot of heart, outstanding sportsmanship and represented our RICI school values both on and off the court. Well done on an amazing effort!

A huge thank you also to Mr Ropati and Miss Owen for coaching and mentoring the teams.

HSC Drama Project

HSC Drama students presented their Individual Projects on Monday this week to a small audience of teachers and classmates.

The Individual Project is the student’s own dramatic work that must be completed by term 3. It contributes 30% towards the student’s HSC mark in Drama.

Monday’s event was a good opportunity to look at the progress the students are making towards their final submissions. The Individual projects included: video drama, costume design and three monologue performances. All students are to be commended on their efforts.

CSSA Volleyball Gala Day

The 2021 CSSA State Volleyball Gala Day ran at Hawkesbury Indoor Sports Centre on Wednesday the 10th of March. Mountain View Adventist College was fortunate to send three very competitive teams to this event. Open Boys, Open Girls and an Open-mixed team. We are so proud of not only their results but also the values and sportsmanship displayed at this competition. After only one loss for both our Open Boys and Open Girls teams they finished their day in 3rd place narrowly missing out on the overall final. Our Open mixed team finished in 1st after the round games playing MacArthur Adventist College in the final. After a close game Mountain View was able to close out this game taking home the overall CSSA Open Mixed Division for 2021.

A huge thank you to the students for the way they have represented our College at this event. Looking forward to many events to come this year as COVID restrictions ease allowing us to run and compete at these events.

CSSA Zone Swimming

On the 2nd of March 2021, thirteen Mountain View students were selected to compete at the CSSA Western Metropolitan Zone Swimming Carnival in about 35 events spread over the day. We are so proud of the way they competed throughout this day with two students Riley Q and Hayley P being selected to represent our zone and school at the CSSA State Swimming Carnival.

Congratulations to the following students their effort, courage and sportsmanship demonstrated throughout this event:

Year 4

Riley Q

Mikaela S

Year 5

Kayley J

Mackenzie S

Year 6

Fiona P

Lakshmi R

Year 7

John S E

Year 9

Kyla-Jade S

Ethan M

Year 10

Amy T

Hayley P

Year 12

Gabriel F

Levi G

Year 7-12 Swimming Carnival

On the 4th of March 2021 Yr 7-12 Students competed in the annual House Shield Swimming Carnival. It was a great day of competition, fun for the students and staff as well as fantastic weather. There was a range of competitive strokes and novelty events for the students to gain points for their house group. One of these events including a House Captain mystery event whereby students had to flip water bottles and complete a noodle relay race.

A big thank you to all the students to attended, cheered and competed in the events throughout the day. It was so encouraging to see the students and teachers cheering, supporting and encouraging one another. The overall Swimming Carnival trophy House winner will be announced after the completion of the Yr 2-6 Swimming Carnival later this year.

A huge congratulations must go to the following Year 7-12 students for receiving the 2021 Swimming Carnival Age Champion and Runners Up.



The office will be open April 6-9 and April 13-19 (excluding weekends) from 9am-3pm.

Office is closed April 5th (Easter Monday) and April 12th.


Uniform shop will be open second week of School holidays. April 13-19 (excluding weekend) from 9am-3pm.


We have received a number of complaints from our neighbours with regards to people parking across driveways and rubbish being left in surrounding streets. We ask that when picking up students in side streets that you please do not park across any driveways (even if you are with your car) and to ensure that all rubbish is taken with you if providing your children with snacks and drinks. Our neighbours appreciate your cooperation with regards to this.


An email was sent out earlier this week with regards to the BusMinder App now being available to parents whose students utilise to College Bus Service. The App enables parents to see in real time the location of their child’s bus and receive notifications when students tap on and off the bus. Should you wish to have access to this App, please email connect@mvac.adventist.edu.au with your email address and the names of the children who utilise the bus service. Please note that you will only have access to students that you are responsible for.


On March 25 Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 will be doing a practise Naplan test.

NAPLAN tests will be conducted during May 11 to 21 inclusive, so please ensure your child is at school on time on these days, unless they are too unwell.


School fees for Term 1 are due Monday March 22nd . Please ensure that any payments remaining are made by Wednesday March 31st.