March 2019, Issue 12

St. Patty's Day & Personal Boundaries

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday steeped in folklore and tradition. According to National Geographic Kids blue was the original color associated with the holiday. Green was introduced during the 19th century, when the shamrock became a national symbol. It is believed that wearing green makes you invisible to the mythical leprechauns, who will pinch those they can see.

While the pinching tradition is generally done in good fun, it is important to remember that personal boundaries are often issues for children in foster care. Something as simple as a pinch can be a trauma reminder for a child. Additionally, children who have trouble understanding and respecting the boundaries of others, could take the pinching too far.

Here are some tips from ChildMind.org on helping children learn boundaries.

  • Rules work both ways- People are in charge of their own bodies, and it’s not okay to touch others if they don’t want you to. Also it’s not okay for someone to touch you in a way that makes you uncomfortable.
  • Practice setting boundaries-When someone isn’t respecting you child’s feelings or, boundaries, helping to make a plan will give your child the chance to practice standing up for himself.
  • Model Behavior-When it comes to learning anything, kids look to their parents for cues on how to behave. Empathy and self-awareness are no exception.

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Safe Sleep Best Practices

According to the 2018 Arizona Child Fatality Review Report , 83 infants died in unsafe sleep environments (up from 79 in 2016). These deaths accounted for 24% of all preventable deaths, more than drownings (35) and suicides (50). 60% of those infants died while co-sleeping or bed sharing (up from 51% in 2016).

Here are some tips for practicing safe sleep:

  • Parents should avoid co-sleeping/bed sharing
  • Avoid propping baby up or bottle propping
  • Teach all caregivers about safe sleep
  • After breastfeeding, move baby into a crib to sleep

ABC's of Safe Sleep

Removed #3- Love is Never Wasted

A few years ago a short film called ReMoved took the internet by storm, by telling the story of young Zoe being put into foster care, through her eyes. That was followed by Remember My Story-Removed Part 2 which continued the story of Zoe, as her younger brother was adopted by another family, and she grew into adulthood.

Now Nathanael Matanick brings us ReMoved 3-Love is Never Wasted. This moving short film tells the story of little Kevi who is torn from the only world he has ever known and is struggling to make sense of how he fits between two worlds and two mothers.

#LoveUp Moment

DCS is partnering with The Johnjay & Rich #Loveup Foundation to honor and recognize Arizona’s foster and adoptive families. The #Loveup Foundation which was created to promote the movement of “spreading love and kindness.” As part of the movement, the #Loveup Foundation will monthly recognize a foster or adoptive family in a ” #Loveup Moment” for their commitment and dedication to the children of Arizona. The family recognized in the #LoveUp Moment will receive a $100 gift card, courtesy of #LoveUp Foundation. To nominate a family click the button below.

March’s #LoveUp Moment is Roosevelt McKnight of Pima County. His family has been a foster family for 6 years. During his time as a foster family he has cared for approximately 20 children. Recently the Foster Care & Post-Permanency Supports team was made aware of Roosevelt when he was asked to take in a child as an emergency placement from the hospital. When he arrived at the hospital to pick up the child, it was evident that child wasn’t ready to discharge. Roosevelt stayed with the child until discharge at 6am the following morning, and still managed to get one of his other children to the dentist by 8am. Thank you for your dedication to making a difference for the children of Arizona. Thank you, Roosevelt, for taking a moment to #LoveUp.

Advanced Training Opportunities

Tucson Resource


Warmline Supports Kinship and Foster Families

The Foster Parent Warmline is available for kinship families and licensed foster parents. While not an emergency number, Warmline staff can assist with information, authorizations for services, timely communication, and support. It is not intended to discourage or replace direct and regular communication between the DCS Specialist and the out-of-home caregiver. You can reach the Warmline by calling 1-877-KIDSNEEDU (1-877-543-7633) and selecting Option 3. Warmline staff are available during business hours. Callers also have the option of leaving a voice message.

Meet the Kids


Jayden is a young man who dreams of being a scientist or football player when he grows up. He enjoys playing a handful of sports, especially football, soccer, and baseball. Jayden particularly likes to play sports with his best friend at school. Jayden loves animals, drawing, singing, and is very social. He works hard on being the best he can and is very goal driven. Jayden was born in 2005.


Lashawna dreams of being a cosmetologist and would like to travel, particularly to Atlanta, because it is pretty and has a lot of trees. Lashawna is proud of how well she can do makeup and hair. She is great at straightening and braiding her friend’s hair. LaShawna was born in 2006

Kannon & Alexx

Alex and Kannon are two brothers who have a great sense of humor and love McDonalds. They both hope their forever family will have a pet or two! Alex enjoys being outside. He likes to camp, fish, hike, ride his bike, you name it! Alex prides himself on a science report he just submitted about wind. Alex loves learning about weather in Science. Kannon is a natural leader and loves to include others and participate in team work. His favorite TV show is Impractical Jokers, which goes right along with one of his best personality traits-his ability to make others smile and laugh. Alex was born in 2006. Kannon was born in 2005.

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