Fleetwood Diner: Worth the Hype The well-known trendy and aesthetic diner passes the test

It's affectionately (and appropriately) called “one of the hippest little diners in one of the hippest little towns.”
As one of the only places in Ann Arbor that stays open 24/7, the Fleetwood Diner offers a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. It’s located on South Ashley Street in downtown Ann Arbor.
When you walk into the diner, the walls are covered in stickers creating a relaxed and vintage environment. What is most interesting about the Fleetwood is that it’s an actual diner. You seat yourself, you order your food, and then pay up front.

Despite our visit taking place at 1:00 p.m., almost all the seats were taken. We were able to get a seat outside and were pleasantly surprised by the outside area being heated.

The employees at Fleetwood are generally nice and helpful. The only thing a bit concerning was that they were all over the place and a bit quick with their customers. There wasn’t much conversation between us and the waitress. That’s likely just because they were busy, but it was still noticeable.

When we sat down and gave our orders, our food came fairly quickly (approximately 15 minutes) and our waitress checked in with us multiple times after that to make sure we were satisfied.

The overall atmosphere of the Fleetwood gives off a trendy and aesthetic vibe. The food comes quickly, and is exceptional for diner food. They have a specialty breakfast food called “Hippie Hash” which is made from whatever vegetables, cheese, and other scraps left over from the night before.

Since the diner is small with limited seating, going on a weekday rather than a weekend would be ideal. The staff is friendly and checks in on customers frequently. We highly recommend the Fleetwood Diner.

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