Canada 2041 Make canada sustainable by 2041 by nikola kriznar

Mixed use buildings

Prime minister Justin Trudeau hired me to make Canada sustainable by 2041 . In Canada we have problems that can be solved easily , and for minimal cost . Right now in Canada we are facing problems relating industry , problems with urban sprawl , pollution and the aging population . Great Lakes St Lawrence lowlands is the smallest region in Canada , but it has almost half of Canada's population because of the region's rich industry , it's close to the USA which is our biggest trading partner and it's the southern region in Canada , which means it is warmer than other regions , for example the arctic region . Half of the jobs in the region is manufacturing , which is why a lot of people live in the region . But the more people we have , the more space we need , which means urban sprawl happens . For my Brampton 2041 project I came to the conclusion that if we use mixed use buildings , that will help the population because they don't have to use a car to get to work , it will help stop urban sprawl because there won't be need to build single homes . An example of mix use buildings can be found all around the world , example Novi Sad . Because there are multi use buildings in the city , everything is withing walking distance , while the population is at 600,000 . In general if we start building up , it will take a lot less space and if we use it for multiple purposes it will help stop converting precious green space into concrete causing global warming and pollution . This will also help people moving in Canada . Because of the aging population , we need new people to come to Canada so the population is sustainable . If the amount of kids people have in the country is 2.11 or below that means the culture is unsustainable . It's hard to imagine to have a population of million in 100 years if the 30 million people have 1 kid for example . The population will be lowered half to 15 million . I have another solution for this later , but the aging population is a problem and if we have people buying land , that means there will be too much urban sprawl . By using mixed buildings , this problem can be fixed and make Canada more sustainable . I will start making old abonded buildings into new mixed buildings , for example . And every new building near a city must be a mixed building .

Mixed use buildings in Japan

Selective cutting

Our country has a big landmass . It has many primary industries such as forestry , mining , fishing etc. But there is a big problem when it comes to forest cutting . Because when you cut trees you cause soil erosion .Soil erosion happens when you cut down a tree and the top soil washes away into a nearby river for example . Soil erosion affects the ecosystem of the area , and makes the land unsustainable . Processes such as clear cutting causes a lot of soil erosion , and makes the land dry also . Because if there is a tree in an area , it increases the humidity in it . If we cut the trees in the area , we are basically slowly making a desert . . Another problem with forestry is that , when you cut trees you increase the CO2 levels in the atmosphere warming up the planet . Yes we couldn't live without greenhouse gases in the atmosphere , because if there wasn't even a little then that would make our planet into an ice ball . But having too much heat trapped in the atmosphere makes the planet too hot , experts say that if the temperature increases the planet will become something like Venus . Forestry is a contributor to that . But my solution as the Youth Minister of a sustainable future , will add a law to in force selective cutting . What selective cutting does is that only a certain amount of trees are cut , normally every 3rd tree is cut down . This is a sustainable way to cut because the trees can reproduce and the affect of soil erosion when cutting is lowered . It will also reduce the greenhouse emissions . Overall it will reduce the affect on the environment .The way it makes the industry more sustainable is because if you leave a couple of trees to reproduce , within time you can go back and do the same thing making the cutting sustainable . By implementing this law , it will make the forest industry more sustainable because no soil erosion and make the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere less impact full when you cut trees . Biodiversity is very important , when it comes down to sustainability . By cutting trees we are reducing the biodiversity to the levels of a desert . A forest is a more sustainable ecosystem , than a desert , because there is more biodiversity in a forest . Because of the human activities , there are around 55k animals that go extinct every year .

Graph for selective cutting in Canda
Clear cutting isn't sustainable

Solar Pannels

With more and more people coming to Canada , we have to make our cities more sustainable and healthy . Because of the CO2 emissions happening when we use oil for our daily needs such as electricity , transportation etc. These are nonrenewable sources such as coal , oil , gas etc. The CO2 emissions warm up the Earth by trapping heat within the atmosphere , warming up the planet . Diseases such as asthma have increased in the number of people that have it in the past decades . Right now if you ask a class of 30 people , around 30% of them will have asthma .A factor to this is because we dump our toxic waste into water , not only polluting it but the fish consume the material aswell which we eat . Because it's a non renewable source that we got from the organisms that lived 100 millions ago , we can't re use it . But the way we can make cities more sustainable and decrease the rate of pollution and global warming is by installing solar panels on top of buildings for example . Solar panels is one of the most sustainable way to get renewable energy . The way they work is that the solar panels take the sun's light, and makes energy . This is why it's one of the best ways for renewable energy . As long we are on the Earth there will always be the sun there . And the sun produces light and heat for us that we can't live without . The reason why solar panels aren't very used is because there are cheaper alternates like highly pollutant gases . But at the same time solar panels are already getting implemented all around the planet , making cities more sustainable and decreasing global warming . Because of the increase of temperature , the south and north pole is starting to slowly melt . If the ice keeps getting melted it will leave a billion people homeless that live on the coast . We can start implementing rewards systems and laws to start implementing solar panels more . For example we can reward the neighborhood with the most saved energy every 2 months , we can give them some type of reward . And also in a country like Sweden they implemented more tax for unsustainable gases , making the country a lot more sustainable then it once was . . To implement a solar system it costs 18k $ which might sound a lot but , if you get it you will be in the reward system automatically . If people start saving up now , let's say if they save 1000 per year . That means we can implement the solar systems all over in 18years . If we start doing this now , we will reduce global warming significantly in the next decades by cutting down how much nonrenewable gases we use . Also because of the

Taking the sun's light to produce energy .

Solar Curtains

As I mentioned earlier , renewable energy is the way to go when it comes to a sustainable energy . Because right now , the resources we use right now cannot be reused . Because of the melting ice cap , the sea levels are rising , the ice caps reflect light because they're white which means the sun's light will increase the warmth of the ocean . The icecaps on the poles are fresh water , and if they get mixed with the salt water the ocean currents will change drastically , which also means that the climate will change also . We get 50% of our oxygen from tiny plankton in water , which will die out if the ocean temperature is increased . We need to start implementing as much renewable energy sources for a sustainable future , which I have been hired to do . How these solar panels/curtains work is that the Photovoltaic cells take the sunlight and convert it to Direct Current . Then it converts the Direct Current to Altering current and after they get turned into altering current they get sent to your appliances that you use normally , such as computers , dishwashers etc . This is a lot more sustainable then the current energy we use , gases . My plan is to get solar curtains . A curtains job is to block light , a solar curtains does the same except it makes energy at the same time . We will start selling these in the coming years . It's very sustainable because it's a renewable energy resource .

Cheaper education

In Canada , there is a high literary rate . In a country a high literacy rate is important . Because our economy is improved when we have higher literacy rates . It is said if there was an increase in 1% of Canada's literacy it would add estimate $32 billion to our GDP . Because of the advancement of technology our population has to continuously expand their knowledge . In a couple of hundred years , robots will be introduced more and more which means the jobs that require physical strength are getting taken . Canada can be more sustainable if there are more people that are capable of doing more jobs . It is important to be educated so people can find a job to support their families . Having more people capable to read and write offers the country more money . Having more people educated is beneficial and makes for a sustainable future . But our colleges and universities might cost too much for some people . My solution is too help people to get education , by lowering the cost for universities and colleges . It makes our country better because the more capable people we have , the better our economy is going to be . A healthy economy is essential to a sustainable future , and we can achieve a better economy by offering cheaper education .This also means people with more higher paying jobs , that there are more tax money going to the government . Also people will lower income jobs can start their own business . Because how I see it right now , there are companies that employ people for low wages . And then those low wage people have kids that can't afford for education and end up working for the same company as their parents did . My solution will brake the circles a little bit , which is going to be beneficial to Canada for a better and sustainable future . The country needs more educated people so they can make progress . With my solution , high education will be more affordable which means there will be a more sustainable future . We will start helping people that want higher education by 2041.

Electric car charging while on the go

In a city transportation is crucial . That's how people get to their daily workplace , but there are some side affects to this . Because cars need gasoline to drive , the gasoline releases CO2 into the atmosphere warming up the planet . During my presentation I've explained many times how the CO2 works . It creates an ozone that traps all the heat within the planet . To make a city livable , transportation is a huge factor . In This video I explain how my transportation system works .

Helping people that can't have kids

In Canada we are facing a huge problem of aging population . Our population is in a decline , in this audio I explain a solution that might help us in the long run .

The End


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