Maria Grette Kelsey and Annabelle

Our story is about communications scamming, Specifically about a woman named Maria Grette. maria was a victim to an online dating scam. Her story has a happy ending, but this is not always the case.
Men and women worldwide fall victim to Facebook scams every year, with a reported 148,000 cases in 2015 just within the UK.
fraudsters are increasingly using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as a “hunting ground” for personal information, leading to huge rise in identity theft. (tara evans)
communications fraud: Thieves try and extract money directly from you, or to trick you into giving them your personal information.
Maria had an interesting case as she was scammed through online dating, rather than tricked by pop-up boxes on Facebook. however, maria got her money back. Most people aren't that lucky.
be careful about who you share your personal information with. once you give it out online, you can never get it back.
If you're not careful, you'll have a high risk of your identity being stolen. Scammers are creative, and will strike on any opportunity presented to them. In 2014 alone, 17.6 million Americans were victims of identity theft according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (bjs).
In the event that you do fall victim to identity theft, make sure you keep a detailed record of all correspondence regarding the fraud and your efforts to repair it. act immediately and report the situation to your local law enforcement office and to the appropriate federal agency through the stop fraud website.
Identity theft can result in huge financial losses, record violations, and can even compromise your health. identity theft can happen to anyone, but it is also avoidable. Be safe, be smart, and think before you fall victim to fraud.
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