US vs China Government

The government's I’m going to be comparing is the United States government and the Chinese government. The Chinese capital is located in Beijing and the American capital is at Washington Dc. The administrative divisions in the Chinese government is 23 provinces, 5 regions, and 4 municipalities. The united states has 50 states and 1 district which is Washington Dc. on October 1949 the People’s Republic of China was established after the Qing Dynasty. On July 4 1776 we declared independence from Britain. Civil laws are influenced by the soviet and continental European civil law systems. However in the US the common law system was based in English common law at the federal level. In both countries they have their suffrage at 18 years of age. The supreme Court in China has over three hundred and forty judges including the chief justice, thirteen grand justices organized into a civil committee and tribunals for civil economic, administrative, complaint and appeal, and communication and transportation cases. The US supreme court consisted of 9 justices including the chief justice and 8 associated justices. The structure does has an impact on economic prosperity because the more organized the government is the easier for money to be distributed.

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