Boom To Bust By:megan fluskey


Riots happening due to no work
what people saw due to what was happening in the economics

During the 1920s a lot of rural Banks had begun to start closing their door. Along with the Agricultures started to struggle too, because of world war one. Farmers really struggled because banks were foreclosures and the ones who didn't get their land taken away started loosing a ton of money. In 1930 cities and town dwellers were not doing good anymore. And a lot of people were now getting into riots and violence mainly in the city. Farmers now lost even more money and more farmers had faced foreclosure,but their was still farmers they were doing good even better than some City people.


Banks were closing and riots were happening
Farmers land was being foreclosed

In the 1920s people are still suffering from the Great Depression which left people still without jobs or homeless. The Federal Government had been working on getting Americans back to work to so they could make money. Women of the 1920 were fighting to get the women's rights as in the 19th amendment. In 1930 some men still had no jobs or men had jobs but were facing pay-cut. Women still see themselves not able to get a job and find their only role in the house as in the household role to make ends meet.

Home Life

Women were expected to do all the work at home
Women had a lot of responsibilities to cover at home

In the 1920 women still had no job to do so they just sat home and did household work such as laundry,dishes, and cleaning and cooking for their husbands. Women also begun to change their lifestyle as in the way they dressed and acted. In the 1930 women started to go out more and do more thing other than sitting in their house and doing household stuff such as laundry and cleaning. Women now in the 1930 tended to not stay at home as much as they used to do.

Leisure Time

People were now able to go to clubs on their free time
Women got to enjoy a social life

During the 1920s people as in the men would tend to go to work and than come home due to the fact there was really nothing to do other than work and come home. Women would just sit home and due household work what was expected from them. The 1920s tendend to be very boring especially for the women. But as 1930s started to roll around it got a lot better for everyone mainy for the women. Women were now able to go to club and there was now music women now had things to do but so did the men but the women didn’t have to sit home and just do the expected. It was now fun for everyone.

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