Q2 novel Project By:Samriddhi kuinkel

Matched by Ally Condie


This book is written by Ally Condie. This book is the New York Times Bestseller.

Cassia lives in a dystopian society where everything is controlled. This book starts with Cassia going to her Matched Banquet. She had been waiting for this her entire life. In the Matched Banquet she gets Matched with her own best friend Xander. She is glad it was not a stranger, but also a little disappointed that she couldn't meet him for the first time. She knew everything about him and had been best friends with him for as long as she can remember. One day before her date with Xander she opened her micro card about him-a future technology where information is stored. In this case everything about Xander.- Cassia was surprised to see another persons face in that micro card. The officials said that was a mistake and asked if she knew that face. Cassia said it was her friend Ky. The officials said that he can never get matched because his father was a aberration which also makes him aberration. Cassia would never be able to look at him the same way again. After few days she started taking hiking classes. Ky was also taking hiking classes. After a while later she falls in love with Ky. She also falls love with Xander. Now she has to choose who she loves the most........

The setting

The book takes place in their dystopian society.

The Characters

Ky- He is an aberration which is a person who has done something against their society. In this case his father had something against the society. Ky is adopted by his aunt and his uncle.

Xander- He is matched with Cassia. They had been best friends for 17 years. He is smart, kind and funny according to Cassia.

Cassia- She is matched with Xander. She has to choose who she loves,

Delirium by Lauren Oliver.

Plot summary of Delirium

This book is by Lauren Oliver. She is the New York Times Bestselling Author.

Lena lives in a dystopian society where love is a desease. Lena has 150 days before she turned 18 and get cured for love. This story takes place in Maine. Lena lives with her aunt because her mother had the deliria called love and her mother died. Lena didn't wanted to fall in love like her mother. She was excited and a little nervous for the cure. She thought love was a fearful thing. That was until she met Alex. Alex told her that he was cured . Until one day Alex said he wasn't cured and he was from the wilds. According to the society wilds is a dangerous place where there are bombings from World war 3. Cassia was worried that she would turn out just like her mother and end up dead because of love. She was also worried about her Matching ceremony. She was going to be spending her whole life with Brian. One day while her best friend Hana was in a party- which is forbidden in the society. The society had a security check. Lena runs to the party to warn them, but there were dogs who were barking. Lena was bitten by the dogs, but Alex saves her. She slowly startes to fall in love with Alex. They also found out that her mother might not be dead. She didn't want to spend her life with Brian .So, will she go to the wilds with her love Alex or stay with her best friend Hana?......

The setting

The first book takes place in Maine, but the other books in the series take place in the wilds.

The characters

Lena- who is not pretty or ugly either. Alex thinks she is beautiful. Has fallen in love with Alex even though she wasn't suppose to.

Alex- honey-blonde hair and handsome. Loves Lena more than anything in the world.

The Similarities

Matched and Delirium are in a dystopian society.

They both are in love with someone that the society denies.

They both have a secret behind their stories. Like in delirium -How could Lena's mother be not dead -and in Matched -What made Ky aberration?

Cassia and Lena both had people they could relay on.

They are both the first book of series.

The differences

Matched is mainly about Cassia's Matched Banquet and who she was going to chose, but in Delirium it was about how to escape the society and it was clear that she only loved Alex.

In Matched they didn't have a safe place they could go to escape from the society or not that it has mentioned in the first book, but in the book Delirium they had a place to escape from the society-The Wilds.

In Matched Cassia had a good family to relay on, but in the book Delirium she only had Alex and her best friend Hana to relay on.

Delirium book's mystery was bigger than the mystery in the book Matched.


If you like Dystopian romance type of novels then I would recommend the Book Divergent. It is such a Awesome book. It has got Adventure, romance, Dystopian society and villains. What more could you ask for. I would recommend this book.

If you like Adventures in Dystopian kinds of novels then I would recommend the Matched and the Delirium books. Personally, I like the Matched books better because it got better and better as I kept reading it. I also like the Delirium books ,but it was more of a romance novel than a adventure novel.

But if you are not interested in those I would recommend the book The Giver. This book is kind of like Matched, but with less romance.

The End


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