Womens fashion through the years By: eva MARKOULATOS

Panniers, or dresses with hoops to extend the appearance of the hips, were popular during the French Revolution.

Starting near the 1820's, corseting became a popular practice. This gave the look of a narrower waist and a fuller chest.

Around the 1850,s and 60's hoop skirts and just fuller skirts in general became very popular.

During the 1920's women began to move away from the stiffer and more constricting outfits to more comfortable outfits.

During World War Two women who worked needed clothing that wouldn't snag on machinery, therefor they began to wear sharper military like clothing and pants.

The 1970's was the age of disco. Platform shoes and the wrap dress were very popular.

During the 1980's pop stars such as madonna started to have an impact on women's fashion. Crazy big hair and dramatic makeup was very popular.

The casual and grungy look was especially popular in the 90's.

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