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Keason Drawdy (CISO / Hacker)

I live in Chicago, Illinios

Keason Lee Drawdy a.k.a (Simon Jorgenson) is a 47 year old technology professional and former black hat hacker, who is now a successful business entrepreneur who lives and works in Chicago Illinois

Keason has two children and has been happily married to his wife Pamela for 28 years.

Keason is from Jacksonville, Florida.

A turning point in Keason's life came when he was first introduced to computers and early versions of The Internet (TRS-80 Model II and Arpanet).

Keason presently works as a consultant/Adviser/web engineer/software developer. He has also been acting as a security engineer and consultant with USCERT since for the past 14 years. He also currently serves as a personal consultant to W Harper Hedge Fund securing infrastructure. In this capacity, Keason demonstrates an understanding of complex protocols and transmission entities including DBS/DFM and Forward E- Correction mathematical solutions.

Keason's fascination with the Internet and computers played an integral part in shaping his career path. Keason now has high level federal confidential security clearance (DOE). Keason's previous experience working with clustered networks/server farms makes him an asset to any company in the field of computer science and beyond. Similarly, Keason's proficiency of Apache Servers/Advanced Configuration Standards & Security makes him a valuable asset to any corporation.

He is proficient in numerous computer operating systems (OS) and communication protocols including LTE (4G) and Microsoft systems. Keason's technological expertise has allowed him to be successful at a variety of jobs in the field of computer science and technology such as Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator: Messaging/E-mail (MCSA:M), Microsoft Certified Network Protocol Specialist (MCNPS), Microsoft Certified Product Specialist (MCPS), Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), VMware Certified Professional (VCP4), and VMware Certified Professional (VCP5).

In the past Keason has also worked in various other similar jobs including Director of Digital Media at A & A Associates in Miami Florida. He also worked as a cryptography engineer for NDS Israel from 1998-2001. Keason also served as the Digital Media Director of SMG Chicago for six years (2006-2012).

Keason has a Series 7 license - He is also a web developer and web security expert. He has technical expertise in a numerous other sub-categories of in the field of computer science. Keason is an expert in bit-coin cryptography. He's also demonstrated expertise in the area known as Dark/Web/Deep Web (.onion) providing technical expertise in many areas of hidden web sites and platforms.

Keason has served as a Cloud Computing designer and consultant. He has worked as both a Unix and Linux administrator. But Keason's professional and technical expertise does not end there. He has been an IDL programmer as well as a developer for various software platforms and mobile apps (Joomla, .onion, IOS, and Android.)

Keason has also demonstrated his technical skills in the area of computer software. He is proficient in many different programs such as: HTML 5 Java, Angular.js, Adobe web frameworks as well as a former awarded Adobe Flash Designer.

Keason's professional experience has presented him with many unique opportunities to become familiar with computer science as it relates to other fields. For instance, he is familiar with HIPPA Compliance & Standards, which are essential in healthcare.

In order to succeed in the field of computer science one must possess specialized knowledge and a unique understanding of the implications that knowledge can have when it's applied to the field. Keason understands the specialized knowledge of his field. He also has an advanced understanding of the ways that his knowledge can be applied to that field. For instance, Keason has knowledge of encryption and detection methods as well as an advanced understanding of the development of bit-coin mechanisms and methodologies.

His experience as a former black-hat hacker left him with a complete understanding of those methodologies as well. Keason is familiar with network tracing and the best practices to ensure network penetration protection.

In addition to all the skills detailed above, Keason is also skilled in the prevention of attack vectors via web and remote systems and architectures. He is uniquely qualified in the reverse engineering of ARM and modern embedded systems. He completely understands the ISO7816 architecture as well.Furthermore, he comprehends the complex concepts of magnetic technology/track and has proven the capabilities of tracing, tracking, monitoring, and the identification of both malware and attack sources.

Keason is a well-versed in a variety of technical tools and applications related to the field of computer science. He would be a valuable addition to any technical team because of his mastery of API Integration and Joomla CMS. He is also an expert in search-engine optimization (SEO) and often serves as a consultant in this capacity. Keason also has expertise in web security, mobile applications, and Cloud computing. He also has experience working with Adobe Flash UX and user experience (UX) design. Keason has also worked with Adaptive Responsive Design and Wire-frame and modeling.

Cellular technology is an important aspect of the computer science field. Keason is adept at utilizing many forms of cellular telephony including GSM-PCS. He is also proficient in Long-Term Evolution (LTE) technology and is an HSPA expert. Keason is also well-versed in the operation of voip fiber high speed networks and advanced microprocessors. If you need assistance solving problems with compromised servers, Keason is qualified to do that as well.

He also has comprehensive knowledge of the bit-coin protocol and developed 4 BTC supercomputers and successfully mined over a hundred thousand BTC. Keason has significant knowledge and practice of signal intelligence & advanced countermeasures. Keason also has experience working with network administration and problem-solving as well as quantum computing/theory.

Keason is the co-author and developer of Interceptor, a highly advanced sophisticated software program that is in use by companies and individuals around the world.

Keason is an active member of many professional organizations in the field of computer science such as Chaos Computer Club, Hackers on Planet Earth, USCERT. He is also a former member of such groups as cDc Communications, Phrozen Crew, and L0pht.


https://keybase.io/keasondrawdy ~ Keybase

https://github.com/KeasonDrawdy ~ GitHub

https://ask.fm/KeasonTanner ~ Ask me a question

https://twitter.com/keasontanner ~ Twitter

keason@keasondrawdy.com ~ Email me ;-)

https://www.youtube.com/user/Keason071 ~ You-Tube Channel

https://plus.google.com/+KeasonTanner ~ Google Plus

https://archive.org/details/@keasontanner ~ Internet Archives

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:KeasonDrawdy ~ WikiPedia

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