Welcome everyone to are webspace my name is David Drain an I’m The creator of splash illustrations, that’s me in the background holding one of my Animal friends James the Giraffe. He Is still only a baby but was so excited to meet you all. Getting him to stay still was very challenging because he doesn’t like having his photograph taken and as you can see he started to jump as soon the camera went Click, leaping right out of My hands running off to play with his friends.

Why are illustrations Important to us at Splash?

Illustrations and images for myself are important more so than the words on the page because having been diagnosed with dysgraphia late on In my adults years I chose to create splash illustrations to help those who don’t enjoy reading in the early ages and help grow reading Confidence in Young reads. In my own experience as a junior no matter how many times I read I couldn’t understand What I was meant to picture in my mind but when turning the pages of book with clear visible illustrations being seen before Reading anything really helped create a picture canvas and for me make more Sense of Words an Sentences.
I’ve come to realise that the earlier I could have been helped with using this methodology the better. As you can guess if children with Reading difficulties go unSupported This has major effects on there confidence To continue to per sue reading joyfully.
A great example of this method Would be the beginning paragraph you have just read at the top of the page Linking to the image you were first Shown Of myself and the giraffe.
I believe with simple fun bright illustrated images In a Children’s book makes there reading journey more Successful and better encourage them to continue reading and picking more books up.
Here at splash illustrations everything we create we keep In mind that child centred approach as are primary focus. Our books have been written for use with both a adult and child to co read interact And Work together to make that reading journey with enjoyment and grow A child’s confidence to want to read more and start to develop independent reading

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If it’s a digital your after please visit the Apple book store, then search in David Drain and all of our books will be displayed.

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My Portfolio Gallery

Here is a variety selection of my recent portfolio work that has been commissioned for private client display, science info leaflets on cell mutations and Atom Fusion, valentine ecards, watercolour illustrations and creative imagery.

And when I’m not creating children’s pictures books and making illustrations you’ll find me on the courts coaching tennis for beginners to advance players from young to elderly alike. Please feel free to check my other webspace out at :

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