International volunteer in Estonia "Solidarity in the 21st century", 01.09.2019 - 30.08.2021


Coordinating Organisation:


Sending Organisations:

Compass Európai Ifjúsági Közösségért Egyesület, Hungary




Bureau Information jeunesse de Brest, France

Center for Dialogue and Reconciliation "Iskra", Ukraine

LOGO jugendmanagement gmbh, Austria


The ESC volunteer project "Solidarity in the 21st century", initiated by VitaTiim NGO, aims to increase local community awareness of solidarity and make practical actions to implement solidarity activities in the society of Ida-Virumaa region.

The aim will be achieved through the implementation of volunteering activities by 10 young volunteers (18-30 years old) from Hungary, Germany, Spain, Georgia, France, Ukraine, Austria, Italy during 8-12 months (01.09.2019 to 30.08.2020) in 9 Receiving Organisations in Narva and Kohtla-Jarve cities.

Who are we?

NGO VitaTiim is a non-formal learning centre founded in 2008. Our mission is to create an inspiring international environment for Ida-Virumaa people in order to promote participation in lifelong learning and effective implementation of competences on the way of personal development in the global world. Our most important task is to make young and grown-up people believe in their own capabilities.

We strive to promote intercultural learning, solidarity, voluntary service and support development of key competences of young people. Our most important target groups are young people from 7 to 26 years old, as well as youth leaders, youth workers and school teachers. The institutions we work with: schools, hobby-schools, youth open centres, youth organisations and municipalities. In all our activities and educational programmes we emphasize importance of learner-centred approach, human agency and a synergy between formal and non-formal education. One of our missions is to promote EVS and learning mobility both amongst young people and organizations. To do that we've got EVS accreditation as SO, RO and CO in 2008.

This year we have hosted volunteers from Vietnam, Cambodia and Honduras and we sent Estonian volunteers to Mexico and Honduras in the frames of CODE project. We try to encourage volunteering on various levels, scopes and work with people of different ages. It is very important for us to develop a learning community in which people can support each other, learn together, share their competences and make a better world.

General Objectives of project:

The short-term objectives are:

- to offer an inspiring and empowering experience in Ida-Virumaa for 10 young people from different countries;

- to support 9 local host organisations in starting their work in European Solidarity Corps and providing a respectful and trusting hosting environment for international volunteers;

- to provide intercultural learning environment in the local community for the duration of the project.

The additional tasks supporting the project objectives are:

T1: to make on-arrival training by the coordinating organisation VitaTiim, during which the volunteers will have workshops related to meaning of solidarity and its realisation in their working places. This will be the first step to accumulate all activities which can be implemented to increase solidarity.

T2: to create and implement volunteers' own mini-projects related to solidarity. The main idea of the mini-projects will be that volunteers should show their understanding of solidarity in a practical way.

T3: to create a video to increase visualised understanding of solidarity from the view of future volunteers.

T4: to increase solidarity in Ida-Virumaa region we with our volunteers will arrange different kind of activities during the project time. Activities will include live libraries, culture evenings, social responsibility related activities and other solidarity based workshops.

Receiving Organisations:

Non-formal learning centre VitaTiim NGO, Narva city (full)

Looking for a volunteer from Austria, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain and Ukraine

Daily Children Centre “LAD” for youth with disabilities, Narva city - (full)

Looking for a volunteer from Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy or Spain

Recreational and game centre "PEREPROJEKT" for children with disabilities, Narva city (full)

Looking for a volunteer from Austria, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain or Ukraine

Narva Language Lyceum, Narva city (full)

Looking for a volunteer from Austria, France, Germany or Spain

“Kesklinna” Gymnasium, Narva city (full)

Looking for a volunteer from Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy or Spain

Narva Vanalinna State School, Narva city - (full)

Looking for a volunteer from Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy or Spain

Ahtme school, Kohtla-Jarve - 1 free position

Looking for a volunteer from Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy or Spain

Kindergarten "Tuhkatriinu", Kohtla-Jarve - 1 free position

Looking for a volunteer from Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy or Spain

Maleva basic school, Kohtla-Jarve - 1 free position

Looking for a volunteer from Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy or Spain

The volunteers will be working on individual projects in their receiving organisations, but living and learning together and being coordinated by non-formal learning centre VitaTiim. Moreover, the volunteers will create and implement volunteers' own mini-projects and initiatives related to solidarity.

Also young people will have a chance to learn either Russian or Estonian language.


Number of direct participants: 1-2 per organisation

9 partner organisations from Hungary, Georgia, France, Ukraine, Austria and Italy will send 1 volunteer and partner organisations from Germany and Spain will send 2 volunteers for a 8-12 month volunteer internship (September 2020 - August 2021) in Narva and Kohtla-Jarve.

The activities of volunteers:

There will be 10 volunteering activities implemented in frames of this project, 7 in Narva and 3 in Kohtla-Jarve. In terms of the receiving organisations and the scope of work all the activities could be divided as follows:

A1: 1 volunteer will implement the volunteering activities in Kohtla-Jarve kindergarten Tuhkatriinu. Volunteer service in the kindergarten will be mostly aimed at helping teachers in organisation of extra-curricular activities (physical education teacher, music teacher, group teacher and other), conducting playful English classes for children, organizing sports activities, accompanying teachers during the excursions, guided tours, sport competitions, games with children outside. In addition volunteer will be involved in the process of decoration of the kindergarten interior, will take part in the performances, events and celebrations.

A2, A3, A4, A5: 3 volunteers will be hosted in Narva by Vanalinna State School, Language Lyceum and Narva Kesklinna Gymnasium and 1 volunteer in Kohtla-Jarve by Maleva Basic School. Volunteers in schools will help teachers at classes in order to bring along more non-formal way of learning, organize conversational language clubs to practice oral language skills and to develop a strong interest to the language amongst students; prepare and run English Language Cafe for teachers; assist with organizing school events and projects, initiate own projects and run extracurricular activities such as hobby groups. Volunteers will take part in trips, excursions and study-visits together with students; make non-formal classes to the students about country, culture, customs and daily life of the volunteer. Volunteers might also be involved in the process of decoration of the school interior.

A6, A7, A8: 3 volunteers will implement their voluntary activities in the organisations working with children and young people with disabilities - Ahtme School, LAD and NGO "Pereprojekt". In all placements volunteers will be encouraged to organize theatre, dance, arts and crafts or sports activities. It will depend on volunteers' interests and skills. In "Pereprojekt" and LAD the volunteers will also help with daily duties and care for children during walks and workshops.

A9, A10: 2 volunteers will be hosted by VitaTiim NGO. The volunteers will assist with language learning activities, such as English Language clubs for children, youth and adults; with art and handicraft activities that are run by our art teacher for diverse target groups, help with decorations and making souvenirs&gifts; do marketing: making photos & videos, posters, running a blog and instagram etc; participate in & organise information, educational and cultural events for young people; assist in administration & project work of the organisation.

All activities are mostly based on practical experience, non-formal and informal learning. All the volunteers will have a task and support for cooperation with local community.

Also, apart from commitments in their organisations, all volunteers will work on their mini-projects to increase local community awareness of solidarity.

Learning Outcomes

Participants of the project will acquire and/or improve the following learning outcomes:

- solidarity and respect for diversity, intercultural sensitivity and competence as volunteers will communicate, live and cooperate with people of different ages (youngsters, kids, colleagues), different social and economical background, different working styles (youth workers and teachers from formal education institutions) and cultures.

- flexibility and adaptability;

- practical life skills acquired by living independently without parents and family;

- awareness of value of voluntary service and value of contribution to a community development;

- future work skills, such as creativity, critical thinking, communication skills, coordinating with others, judgement and decision making, negotiation; key competences;- skills in various kinds of arts and handicrafts;

- awareness of European Solidarity Corps and Erasmus+ Programme and its values, aims and opportunities.

Moreover, each volunteer will acquire and improve his/her professional competence depending on volunteer's personal learning plans and profile & expertise of his/her receiving organisation. The receiving organisations will enable volunteers to acquire and improve the following learning outcomes:

- in kindergarten: knowledge about Estonian education, especially preschool education, system; pedagogy, including working methods with children, skills of teaching language to people of different age, knowledge about children's development;

- in schools: pedagogical competence, knowledge of Estonian educational system, language immersion methodology, skills of teaching language to children of different age;

- at Ahtme School, LAD and NGO "Pereprojekt": communication with children with learning disabilities, empathy, social competence; pedagogical competence, including language teaching; leadership; knowledge about education system in Estonia and organisation of studies for students with special educational needs;

- in VitaTiim NGO: competence in non-formal education and its principles and use of interactive learning methods, leadership and management of group dynamics, organisation of events, presentation and public speech, competence in art and handicraft, language teaching skills; multimedia competence.

Travel details

The volunteering will take place in Narva and Kohtla-Jarve (North-East part of Estonia). There is an airport "Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport" in Tallinn (capital of Estonia). There are not direct buses from Tallinn airport to Narva. First need to go from the airport to the Tallinn bus station or Tallinn Train station.

How to reach Tallinn coach station: There is frequent tram service from Tallinn airport to Tallinn coach station. Tram line no. 4 stop is located on the city side of the passenger terminal of the airport. On Mondays through Saturdays, the first tram arrives at the airport at 5:25 AM and at 5:45 on Sundays. The last tram from the airport leaves at 0:45 AM. For a single trip you can buy the ticket from the driver (2€) or buy a QR-ticket on the Internet (1€).

The journey to the city center takes approximately 15-17 minutes. The name of the stop is – Tallinna Bussijaam. The coach station is directly in front of tram stop. Information on tram lines and stops can be found here: https://transport.tallinn.ee/#tram/en

How to reach Tallinn train station: To get to the train station there is a direct bus departing from Lennujaam (from Tallinn airport) and arriving at Balti jam (Tallinn train station). Services depart every 15-20 minutes, and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 18m. Bus station is 300 meters away from main entrances.

Another possibility to get to the bus or train stations is Taxi. Taxi park are only meters away from arrival entrances. Important! Taxi rates are not limited by law in Estonia. Before you start your ride, make sure that the rate is acceptable to you and, if possible, ask the driver for the estimated fare. The most reasonable fare is offered by Taxify, which can be called by application.

From the Tallinn coach station to Narva or Kohtla-Jarve: From the main bus station there is direct buses to Narva. Tickets can be bought directly to the station or via online as well. The information about buses and times can be found here : https://www.tpilet.ee/en/

From Tallinn train station to NarvaMore faster way to get to Narva is by train. Tickets can be bought via online or directly in the train as well. First train leaves at 07:00 and last at 18:15. Schedule of the train and tickets can be found here: https://elron.ee/en/

From Tallinn train station to Kohtla-Jarve: Tickets can be bought via online or directly in the train as well. First train leaves at 07:00 and last at 18:15. Stop where you need to go out is called Jõhvi. Schedule of the train and tickets can be found here: https://elron.ee/en/

The necessary documents for reimbursement of travel

1. Tickets (bus, train, boarding passes, flight tickets);

2. Invoice – where the price is, your name(if the case), time;

3. Provement of payment (bank excerpt, credit card online payment-emails, paper bill)

Down here you can find the travel budget / country / person. Please fit in and let us know if we can support you in choosing best way of traveling.

Austria 275 EUR/participant

Hungary 275 EUR/participant

Germany 275 EUR/participant

Spain 530 EUR/participant

Georgia 360 EUR/participant

France 360 EUR/participant

Ukraine 275 EUR/participant

Italy 360 EUR/participant

Please before you will buy tickets confirm it with us.

Financial support

Pocket money: 4 EUR per day (116-124 EUR per month)

Food allowance: 145 EUR per month

Accommodation will be provided in shared flats.

Video about Narva

Video was made by our previous international volunteer Tom Maierle and local volunteer Eva Lennuk

Deadline: 15 of September 2020

Profile of participants:

- age: 18 to 30 years old

- They have not participated in the ESC program yet

- Who love children and have interest to work with them - this is one of the most important criteria, because all volunteers will work and meet with children in one or another way.

- Friendly, open for communication and exchange of experience, hard-working young people with sense of initiative or wish to develop it.

- Interested in participating in community life, promoting solidarity, non-formal education, event organisation

- Have a minimum English level with which they can communicate with other team members and volunteers; are determined to improve their English

- They are eager for personal development, overcome their own limits, they want to grow together with the volunteer team

Application process:

If you are interested in the project, please, send us your CV and motivation letter as soon as possible to vitatiim.evs@gmail.com. Skype interviews will be help with the potential volunteers.

For more details :

Beata Lamauskaite, project coordinator

email: volunteering@vitatiim.ee, beata@vitatiim.ee; facebook:https://www.facebook.com/beata.lamauskaite

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