GUHSD Libraries 5 Highlights from 2019-20

2019-20 GUHSD Library Goals

As the 2019-20 school year started, GUHSD Libraries shared 3 Major Goals:

  1. Increased Outreach and Information Sharing with Students and Teachers, including Non-Comprehensive Sites
  2. GUHSD Online Database Change Implementation, User Experience, and Curriculum Integration Improvements
  3. Improve Efficiency and Balancing of FutureForward Chromebook Management

While the year ended in a way that none of us would have predicted, it also provided Teacher Librarians with new ways to stretch and serve our students. Individual site libraries have many more highlights from working directly with students and teachers, but below are some shared high-level accomplishments from GUHSD's Library Council collective.

Highlight #1

Continued Collaboration with Instructional Technology Services (ITS)

Supporting Goal 3

After years of collaborating with Dan McDowell, Teacher Librarians built a new working relationship with incoming ITS Director Tiffani Brown. Some joint processes that have improved management of FutureForward 1:1 Chromebooks this year include the following:

  • GUHSD-provided Chromebook insurance with tracking in Destiny
  • Warehouse transportation of Chromebook repairs between ETS and sites
  • District-wide Chromebook inventory tracking and mid-year supply reallocation
  • Centralized provision of essential Chromebook maintenance supplies
  • Senior Chromebook sales facilitated by ASB Works Web Store

Highlight #2

EBSCOhost Discovery Database Integration

Supporting Goal 2

GUHSD Teacher Librarians worked closely with both ETS and vendor project managers from EBSCOhost to improve the functionality of online databases, which allow students to engage in college-ready research.

View the overview linked below for a full review of enhancements.

Related to these improvements, see information shared with teachers:

Highlight #3

Resource Snack Time

Supporting Goal 1

In addition to site-level sharing of information with teachers about available learning resources, Library Council also launched a "Resource Snack Time" series this year, featuring resources that are available for teachers and students district-wide.

Here are a few samples to browse:

Highlight #4

GUHSD Libraries Bridging the Distance

Supporting Goals 1 & 2

Just as classroom teachers adjusted their instruction with distance learning, Teacher Librarians did, as well. To help students find resources specifically for distance learning, they created and maintained the site below.

One of the most popular resources on this site was GUHSD Digital Reading Options. In fact, Library Council is currently working with ETS to create a longer term and more seamless digital reading experience for students with OverDrive's Sora app.

Other ways that Teacher Librarians supported distance learning include the following:

Highlight #5

Growing Readers: Summer Reading Program

Supporting Goals 1 & 2

GUHSD Teacher Librarians recently launched our first-ever district-wide summer reading program!

Anyone with an @guhsd.net account may join and participate - so please check it out!

As of 6/7/20, not even a week after launching on June 1st, we already have 144 participants registered! When asked why they decided to join Growing Readers, comments already shared by students have included the following:

Honestly?? I’m bored
I am doing this program because my mom thought it sounded good.
I enjoyed this program because my transition teacher suggested that I joined it and I hope to get from participating in it is learning how to read.
I decided to try this so I can keep my my brain busy. I hope to stay busy.
Trying to become a better reader.
i decided to do this program because i have a lot of time and i think reading could benefit me. i hope to get more reading experience from this
Because reading has been difficult for me lately, I am hoping that somewhat “assigned” reading will help me focus more and make myself read more often.
Maybe I’ll broaden my view, learn new things, and find something I like. I don’t know, but I mostly hope to gain something.
I hope to explore new books and genres along with inspire myself to continue writing my own book.
I decided to try this reading program because I was interested in participating in different activities and hopefully getting back into reading again.
I used to read a lot more than I do now, and I hope that this will get me back into the habit and restore my love of reading.
I used to be a very big reader. I would go through books fast and try new things, but i had not picked up a book by choice in a very long time until recently and it reminded me of how much I enjoy it.
I want to learn more, which is the best motivation I can probably get to doing so. I am hoping that by aiming to read more, unlike last summer, I might be able to up my reading speed and make me a better reader soon.
I decided to do this program, because summer is not my favorite due to the fact that it’s three months, without learning on a regular basis. So I am hoping that this program keeps me thinking and learning new things throughout the summer.
I would like to exchange ideas and experiences reading. I believe reading is a really important thing. “Without books, I would certainly die” (Jefferson).
I love to read and I think it will help me with my reading skills and my goals in life.
I want to be a stronger reader.

Update: At the end of Summer 2020, we celebrated our Growing Readers participants with unexpected prizes gathered through generous community donations. Looking forward to next summer!

With gratitude for our students!

Students learning about the benefits of reading with El Cajon Valley's teacher librarian

Students at El Capitan's library browsing books to read from a "feeling lucky" display

Students from Granite Hills starting their junior research paper

Students working hard with a mix of tech and pen & paper in Grossmont's library

Students at Monte Vista gathering for a librarian-led activity

Students studying in the Mount Miguel library during lunch

Students meeting for Knitting Club in the Santana library at lunch

Students at Valhalla's library browsing for independent reading books by reading pre-selected passages from texts

Students at West Hills working on a video project with the library's recording equipment

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