Megalomaniac Joe the tyaran of the town in Chapter 5

Joe was showing the town his power by buying a lamp to give them light but made it a huge deal with putting to show he power to them "de Sun-maker sends it tuh bed at night. Us poor weak humans..."(53). This shows joe acting like a megalomaniac because he showing everyone then when the sun maker send the sun to bed he brings out the new light so he is comparing himself to a god.

Joe also shows that he has power form how he talks shown be this. quote "Speakin’ of winds, he’s de wind and we’se de grass."(59). The quote shows that when joe talks the people around him summit to him just because they hear he voice that is powerful.

Joe also shows power by buying expensive thing with he money shown by this quote "Had that golded-up spitting pot right handy. But he went further than that. He bought a little lady-size...".(56). This quote shows that Joe likes to show that he has power by buying thing that the other in the town could never afford to show that he is better then the other town people.

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