Middle East News Gonzalez

In Morocco on March 1, 2017 there was Anti-dumping of steels/Attacks

In Libya on January 24, 2017 Cities are being controlled by militants loyal to the Islamic state

In Algeria on March 1, 2017 there was hundreds of moroccans detained at algiers airport.

On March 2 in egypt Mubarak acquitted in final ruling on egypt arab spring deaths
In Yemen on february 29 drone strikes kill suspected al-qaeda fighters in yemen
On january 26 in saudi arabia spending as it cuts into a huge state deficit
On february 27 in Iraq U.S Forces play crucial role against isis in mosul
On March 1 In Iran nuclear deal could be a gateway for terrorism claims
On March 1 in Oman there was an attempt to smuggle 100 kg of hashish
On March 5 in turkish president campaigning for more powers says germany is not respecting opinion and stopping events


Created with images by Plukje - "jordan wadi rum holiday" • kollynlund - "morocco blue city moroccan" • quapan - "Besieged Kobanê عين العرب‎ provided by Google earth" • Photoshot - "architecture great post black and white" • Walkerssk - "giza pyramid pyramids of giza" • valerian.guillot - "Firmhin Plateau" • *Muhammad* - "House of Allah (God)" • D-Stanley - "Main Corridor" • Hamed Saber - "Khezr Beach, Hormoz Island, Persian Gulf, Iran" • Francisco Anzola - "Nizwa fort roof" • adibalea - "people rock formations fairy chimney"

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