RUBAROC Bounces Like Rubber ~ Wears Like Rock

August Newsletter

Welcome to the Rubaroc Newsletter! We hope you enjoy learning about the current news at Rubaroc.

Rubaroc is "The Original" non-slip Rubber Safety Surfacing and we have extensive proof to support its durability & beauty over time.

This 2005 Rubaroc installation shown above is just as beautiful and durable as the day it was installed. John McKenzie of Burlington, Ontario is extremely pleased with his Rubaroc pool deck in "Sienna" and recommends it to his family & friends. He welcomed the Rubaroc staff to his property to express his trust & confidence in the Rubaroc brand. "I love Rubaroc.... It's magnificent. I have no problems with it, it's marvellous & worth every penny. It adds beauty to our backyard" says McKenzie. Continue viewing our newsletter to see more spectacular pictures of his 10 year old Rubaroc pool deck & read more about his testimonial.

Our main focus in this month's Rubaroc Newsletter is to validate the beauty & durability of Rubaroc Rubber Safety Surfacing. We offer a 10 year warranty on our proprietary EPDM Rubber however, our installations have proven to last longer than 10 years. We can proudly say that Rubaroc continues to be the market leader by providing the highest quality non-slip Rubber Safety Surfacing materials in North America. In addition we provide an extensive training program to our Rubaroc Installers. Our materials combined with our training ensures quality installations providing safety & beauty of surfaces everywhere.

Message from the President

The last month has set a monumental record with Rubaroc installations. With pool decks being our most popular type of Rubaroc application, numerous pool decks across North America have been enhanced with the addition of Rubaroc. Stairs, decks, walkways, patios, wheelchair ramps, playgrounds…. you name it, we’ve installed it! And our Installers are continuing to do so at a steady pace. Welcome aboard & good luck to our newly trained Rubaroc Installers!

You don’t want to miss our feature about Rubaroc “Down Under” in beautiful Australia! The world’s sixth largest country has over 23 years of Rubaroc history!

In our "Installers in the Spotlight," we feature two of our newly trained USA Rubaroc Installers who are off to a very successful start with Rubaroc. In addition, our 2 Canadian Installers that have several years of Rubaroc installations under their belt are proving that joining Rubaroc was a smart & rewarding move.

With summer winding down, we all recognize that there may be a small dip at the end of this month only to bounce right back in September & October. Let’s continue to push Rubaroc to the maximum potential we know it is capable of.

As a successful company, we give credit to where it belongs. Thank you to all of our Rubaroc Installers & their crew for installing & promoting Rubaroc. We cannot be here without your dedication, commitment & passion for Rubaroc. We can all agree that we are providing our communities with comfort, beauty, style & most importantly… safety!

Wishing all of you continued success & an enjoyable summer!

Subject ~ Installations
Filling cracks

To fill large cracks and gaps in vertical we like to thicken the Rubaroc Matrix material so it is moldable and can fill gaps and become an flexible expansion joint once dry ready to be re applied with Rubaroc surfacing

Pre portioning

Another effective way to make your installs easier is to pre portion your color mixes into 5 gallon buckets with a scale before getting to the job site. You will be effective with your materials to a tee and you will have no color changes in mixes.

UV PRO Slow Dry

We have been using our UV PRO Slow Dry urethanes on some of the hottest days in recorded history for some states and Installers are able to trowel calmly and comfortably without having the product set off too quickly! It’s great for hot climates and also for beginner trowelers.

Friendly Reminder

Please be sure to shut off the pool pump prior to commencing Rubaroc installations. Before you leave the site, clean out the pool by removing any rubber granules & turn on the pump. A happy customer is a great referral!

Rubaroc Australia

Rubaroc is available “Down Under!” Rubaroc Australia originated in 1992 & grew out of the USA branch of Rubaroc. It is a proud member of Play Australia. Rubaroc’s products meet Australian & New Zealand Standards & have passed rigorous testing by the University of Adelaide & R.M.I.T. Numerous playgrounds & splash pads have complimented the beauty that Australia has to offer. Their most recent installation yielded another valuable testimonial.

The PARC (Pensacola Aquatic Recreation Center) proudly provided a testimonial for the magnificent service & installation provided by Rubaroc Australia.

“Rubaroc was a great company to deal with and got the job done in the time frame requested. From the quoting process through to the design and completion of the job the guys at Rubaroc communicated well, were efficient and professional. We would highly recommend using Rubaroc and their products."

Peter Lake

Peter has been with Rubaroc Australia for 20 + years. Over his time he has been involved in many wonderful installations. From major construction sites installing a softfall surface for a rock climbing wall 6 stories up to the prestigious install of the Flemington Race Course Stables for the VCR in readiness for the Melbourne Cup. Pete has seen it all!

Another wonderful testimonial provided to Rubaroc Australia supports what is evident of their commitment & hard work. "We have used Rubaroc Surfacing here at the Vinery Stud for a number of years now. We are extremely happy with both its appearance and longevity and would happily recommend the product and the company to others." (Peter Orton, General Manager of Vinery Stud).

Visit to view the Rubaroc Australia website. Read through their testimonials or glance through their stunning Gallery of installations. You will be impressed!

Thank you Rubaroc Australia for your superior service & workmanship! We wish you continued success!

Rubaroc is “The Original” non-slip Rubber Safety Surfacing & we’ve got the evidence to prove it. In the July Rubaroc Newsletter we featured a Rubaroc pool deck installation that was installed over 25 years ago in Texas that stood the test of time. Yes…. it lasted 25 years! Without hesitation, the Board President & Business Manager of the WCISD decided to once again provide the safety, beauty & durability of Rubaroc to their Natatorium. We feel confident & secure that our communities are safer with the enhancement that Rubaroc provides. Review the July edition for full details of this notable installation performed by our Rubaroc Installer Brent Scoggins of KBS Customs & Surfacing.

Brent Scoggins of KBS Customs & Surfacing in Texas
Testimonial for Brent Scoggins

Description: Deck installation @ Lake Alan Henry

"We are a General Contractor. We recently worked with Brent Scoggins of KBS Customs & Surfacing to install a new patio Rubaroc Floor. KBS did a great job working with our customer to create the look he was after. The Rubaroc floor was all that was expected and our client was very pleased. Brent was easy to work with, communicated well and was on the job site when he said they would be. We are in the process of presenting Rubaroc to other clients and look forward to working with KBS again.

Paul Lynskey (Project Manager @ Ron Reeves Construction, Texas)

Here at Rubaroc Head Office, we are continuing to ensure that we are providing the highest quality materials through continuous Research & Development. By gathering data of Rubaroc installations we are able to validate that are materials are of the highest quality available & that our installation methods are done both efficiently & effectively. We are providing pictures of Rubaroc installations that were done in the year 2005. In addition, testimonials provided express the confidence that clients have with choosing Rubaroc. Most importantly, our proprietary product lasts longer than the 10 year warranty that we provide. The durability that Rubaroc has proven over the years is incomparable!

The following Rubaroc installations were installed in 2005 & are still looking remarkable. Their durability & beauty is highly evident.

Burlington, Ontario
Laila Habash of Burlington, Ontario absolutely loves her Rubaroc. She has piece of knowing that her grandchildren are on a Rubaroc's non-slip Rubber Safety Surface. 
The McRae's from Oakville, Ontario are ecstatic that their Rubaroc has lasted this long. Their entire Rubaroc surface including their 2 designs are still looking spectacular!
Dorothy Hasner of Dundas, Ontario had an extensive amount of Rubaroc installed on her exterior staircase, walkways, porch & steps in April do 2005. She is pleased with its durability & so are we! 
John McKenzie's Rubaroc installation is featured on our front cover of the August Rubaroc Newsletter. John tells us that he maintains an annual cleaning of the surface every spring & it looks & feels as good as the day it was installed in May 2005!
Once the backyard renovations are completed, the Wilsons will be cleaning their Rubaroc pool deck to enjoy for the remainder of the season. It was installed in 2005 and Rubaroc still provides beauty, comfort & it's non-slip feature to yet another satisfied customer!

New Rubaroc Installer Feedback

The following section is providing feedback from our newly trained Rubaroc Installers and Installers who have been installing for a short while.

Comments after completing training

Matt Hine “Everything was better than expected. Everyone exceeded all my expectations. Best Training experience in the 12 years I’ve been doing business.” (July 2015)

Landon Harner: “My overall experience exceeded my expectations. Staff was amazing. Hospitality was DYNAMITE! Love the product & am excited to sell & install Rubaroc.” (June 2015)

Joel Dixon: “I enjoyed my time at training. Everyone was great, very comfortable atmosphere. I can’t imagine learning more at this point.” (March 2015)

Tim Benson: “Overall good job with training. Great product in my opinion. Looking forward to partnering with Rubaroc.” (Feb 2015)

Jay Watson: “Overall experience is great! Very welcoming staff. I feel extremely confident going home to begin my dealership.” (Feb 2015)

Jon Shelton: “ I wasn’t sure what to expect & was very satisfied that we can use this product & apply it properly. This is a great training for those with concrete experience or not.” (Jan 2015)

Comments after months of work

Jay Watson (Watson Services)

Jay trained in February 2015 & is thoroughly pleased with his overall experience with Rubaroc. In early August, Jay sent Brian Field & an email expressing his gratitude. Here it is:


I just wanted to pass along my thoughts on the Rubaroc staff down there in Texas & up in Canada. I’ve dealt with Barry Jr., Rode, Tammy, Sabrina, Kellie & Tom… They are awesome, some of the best customer service people I’ve ever dealt with. Always helpful and willing to work with me. It makes it so easy being out in the field when “home-base” is taking care of you.

Csaba Joo (Niagara Rubber Surfacing)

Csaba trained in April 2015 & was featured in our June 2015 Rubaroc newsletter. He’s been consistently busy installing Rubaroc to a string of town homes in the Niagara area in Canada. He’s also just completed his first residential pool deck. Along with his crew, this 2 ½ day job required SBR to prep the area for a smooth installation day. Csaba incorporated a complementary dolphin logo into Rubaroc. During our recent visit with Csaba, he’s shared his thoughts about joining Rubaroc. He’s focussing more on pursuing Rubaroc & leaning away from his painting business. He is very particular during installations; he’s happy only & only if it is done to perfection! He continues to state “It’s easy to work with & profitable.” Csaba was featured in our June Rubaroc Newsletter … check it out!

Rubaroc Installers in the Spotlight

Paul & Becky Van Wylick - FlexPro Surfacing

Paul & Becky Van Wylick of FlexPro Surfacing in Ottawa Ontario are a dynamic team. They trained in 2011 & are actively pursuing Rubaroc. Becky is a wonderful salesperson, closing deals, staying on top of everything & Paul’s expertise makes installation look easy. They participate in home shows in & around the Ottawa region. They are always well prepared with marketing material & have made larger sample boards to impress their clients. In June 2015 they set up a booth at a popular Horse Show to increase their exposure. They are currently installing Rubaroc & continuing to run quotes. The FlexPro Surfacing website is a fine example of what we recommend to all of our Installers. It is organized, eye-catching, factual & most importantly, it provides a link to our website.

Lake of Ozarks project in Missouri

Paul is an exceptional Rubaroc Installer. Matt Sadl of C & M Concrete (in Missouri) requested his assistance early this year for a huge project. Without hesitation, Paul contributed his time & expertise to the successful installation of the very notable “Lake of the Ozarks” project in Missouri. Refer to the June Rubaroc Newsletter for details of this magnificent transformation!

Paul & Becky Van Wylick of FlexPro Surfacing in Ottawa, Ontario
Paul & Becky Van Wylick of FlexPro Surfacing in Ottawa, Ontario
Paul & Becky Van Wylick of FlexPro Surfacing in Ottawa, Ontario
Paul & Becky Van Wylick of FlexPro Surfacing in Ottawa, Ontario
Paul & Becky Van Wylick of FlexPro Surfacing in Ottawa, Ontario
Testimonials provided for FlexPro Surfacing

My husband and I are senior citizens, so we looked at Rubaroc surfacing for our concrete front porch for two main reasons. First, the Rubaroc would add a safety feature to our porch. Second, we wanted a maintenance-free surface to cover our cracked concrete.

Now that our porch has been surfaced with Rubaroc, we are more than amazed with the product. The folks at Flexpro Surfacing treated our small residential job with all the care and attention that much larger jobs would require! They do such high quality work, and they clean up the job site.

We recommend Flexpro Surfacing to anyone looking for a Rubaroc surface applied by a professional. (The Smith's from Kemptville, Ontario, June 24, 2015).

Description: Installation of 3 large recreation rooms.

“Paul was very professional, explained everything in detail & was very pleasant to work with.” (Stephanie from Ottawa, June 15)

Description: Pool Deck

Great team, very professional & on time. (Brenda from Ottawa, June 2015)

I am more than pleased & have already recommended Rubaroc to others. Paul was very professional, always on time, courteous & fantastic to work with. (Sandra from Ottawa, June 2015)

Keep up the fantastic work Paul & Becky!

Steve Wildman - Roc-it Rubber

Steve Wildman has trained in 2011 & has been installing Rubaroc at a steady rate. He’s had several successful years with installing Rubaroc in Brampton & surrounding areas in Ontario. He absolutely loves the product & has a great crew. Home shows & local advertising has provided Steve with enough to keep him busy throughout the season. Numerous testimonials have been provided to express satisfaction with Steve’s personality & performance. But we already new that! His great sense of humour & easy going nature does not prevent Steve from getting the job done exactly how the client prefers in a timely manner. There is no room for errors; he ensures all installs are done to perfection. His clients are thoroughly pleased & provided valuable referrals to contribute to Steve’s success. With Steve, you get the whole package; an incredible person along with a successful Rubaroc installation. We have provided several testimonials that we obtained from very satisfied clients which are available after the following pictures.

Steve Wildman of Roc-it Rubber in Brampton, Ontario
Steve Wildman of Roc-it Rubber in Brampton, Ontario
Steve Wildman of Roc-it Rubber in Brampton, Ontario
Testimonials provided for Roc-it-Rubber

“Steve & crew were phenomenal! They were professional, courteous & respectful. I would have to say that Steve Wildman is the perfect contractor! He’s patient & provides excellent customer service! I had no problems at all with him. His installers were great & it was a perfect installation.” (Steve Sabourin, Milton, June 2015, 725 sq ft pool deck)

“We are absolutely happy with the product & very, very happy with Steve’s work. He did a magnificent job. We’ve had it for 6 weeks now & love it. It’s fantastic & clean as a whistle. Steve has common sense & is a down to earth kind of guy. He delivered what he said he would deliver.”

(Gerry, from Caledon, May 2015, 1000 sq ft patio)

Joel Dixon – Carolina Resurfacing

Joel Dixon trained in March 2015. Although he was thoroughly impressed with our training program he admits that he’s learning a lot on site. He is consistently busy installing Rubaroc & securing quotes. He has completed almost a dozen porches, patios & pool decks to date. Way to go!!! His home shows provided him with 2 jobs & he has a few big projects coming up. He also advertised in a monthly magazine, which worked to his advantage. Joel is actively chasing down work & reaping the benefits. His portfolio is looking quite impressive. Take a look for yourself in the pictures that follow. Keep up the great work Joel!

Joel Dixon of Carolina Resurfacing in South Carolina, USA
Joel Dixon of Carolina Resurfacing in South Carolina 
Joel Dixon of Carolina Resurfacing of South Carolina, USA 
Joel Dixon of Carolina Resurfacing in South Carolina, USA
Joel Dixon of Carolina Resurfacing in South Carolina, USA
Joel Dixon of Carolina Resurfacing in South Carolina, USA
Testimonials provided for Joel Dixon of Carolina Resurfacing

Pam Chestnut is the owner of Coastal Collections (pictured directly above). "Joel & his crew were an excellent team! They were on time & did everything accordingly. I am extremely pleased with both the service & the Rubaroc. Rubaroc is great! I know my guests are safe entering & exiting my business." (August 6, 2015).

Alex Zehr & Landon Harner - Lanex Development Group

Alex Zehr & Landon Harner are partners of Lanex Development Group in Dubois, Indiana. Their recent training in June 2015 has provided them with the knowledge & training necessary to pursue their Rubaroc future. They’ve recently installed a Rubaroc pool deck which has solidified their understanding of the entire installation process. Alex admits that the process is a smooth one & they are both ready to go from here on. The support he has received from the staff in Canada & the USA is greatly appreciated.

Alex & Landon are actively advertising outside the box. They have provided a video to be played at a local movie theatre… what a brilliant idea. In addition, they have joined their county association which enables everyone involved to spark interest in each other’s businesses. They are currently advertising and running & securing quotes. Wishing you a wonderful start with Rubaroc!

Alex Zehr & Landon Harner of Lanex Development Group in Indiana, USA 
Alex Zehr & Landon Harner of Lanex Development Group in Indiana, USA


Enjoy strolling through our gallery of Rubaroc installations.

Phil Seely of Southeast Safety Surfacing in Moncton, New Brunswick
Johnny Vigliotti of Vigs Construction in Montreal, Quebec 
John Belisle of Ottawa Surface Solutions in Ottawa, Ontario
Mike North of Windies Construction In Guelph, Ontario
Mike North of Windies Construction in Guelph, Ontario
Mike North of Windies Construction in Guelph, Ontario
Carlos Romero of Owl Rubber Surfacing in Acton, Ontario
Carlos Romero of Owl Rubber Surfacing in Acton, Ontario
Rob Reeve of Southwest Safety Surfacing in Chatham, Ontario
Mark Singer of 4 Seasons Estate Services in Richmond Hill
Jeremy Blum of Fairfield Pools in Fairfield, Connecticut 
Contact Information

Please contact any of our staff members with any questions or concerns.

Canada 1-855-766-7822

Administrator: Kellie Dawson (

Technical Specialist: Tom Welfare (

Warehouse Manager: Rob Dawson (

Warehouse Assistant: Aaron Bryan (

Installation Support: Sam Meakings (

Installation Support: Antonia Loveridge (

Installation & Marketing Support: Alain Meakings (

Installation Support: Toula Bobotsis (

Head of Installations: Julian Salaberri (

Administrative Assistant: Danielle Jaime (

USA 1-877-782-2762

President & Installation Support: Brian Field (

Head of Business Development Rubaroc USA: Barry Meakings Jr. (

Assistant to the President: Tammy Moradi (

Admin & Dealer Support: Sabrina Yadlosky (

Support & Marketing: Paulina Noyola (

Warehouse Manager: Aaron Achterberch

Once again, welcome to our newly trained Rubaroc Installers & thank you to all of our current Installers & crew for your magnificent installations! Our growing list of testimonials is a result of your commitment, hard work & passion for Rubaroc.

Hope you enjoyed the August edition of the Rubaroc Newsletter! All Rubaroc Newsletters are available on our extensive website @ Keep an eye out for our next monthly newsletter!

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