It started in 5th grade where Andrew and Ryan had class together. Hilter , the leader of Germany , had not yet separated schools into Jews and non Jews.

Everyday afterschool Ryan and Andrew went to the park and played. Ryan and Jazz had no idea that they could not play with each other until Ryan's parents came to the park one day. As they were there they noticed that Andrew had a star on his jacket.

Andrew's parents walked him home from the park. As soon as they got there , his mom took him by the hand and told Andrew he shouldn't be playing with Jews. She explained the star on his shirt and how Nazi hate Jews and Jews lovers.

Andrew runs to Ryan's house , and was knocking on the door. "Open the door , please let me in ! " , Andrew said. Ryan downstairs to pen the door , and saw that it was Andrew. Andrew told Ryan to come outside , so they can talk. "Let's runaway together " , said Andrew. "Why " , said Ryan. "Ryan they going to take me to the concentration camp" , said Andrew. "Oh no ! " , let's runaway , said Andrew.

As they were walking down the street , they recognized a group of men with uniform. One of them approached Ryan , "Where are you going sir ?" , he said. Ryan and Andrew look at each other. " Umm....We are going to the store" ,they said. "Well then , hurry up before curfew come along ", he said. Andrew and Ryan continued to walk down the street , but they stop in a alley. "Where are we going ?'' ,said Andrew.

"Andrew, its ok, we are going to make it." Ryan said. Last night Ryan and Andrew heard on the radio that an American ship was coming to Germany. They both agreed to sneak onto the ship to escape Germany. As they were on the ship they were pretty happy until they realized they were gonna have to eat sooner or later

Andrew wanted to show how much he appreciated Ryan's decision to come with him so after the ships crew was having dinner he went up and took all the food he could so he didn't have to go back for more later. Andrew took the food he gathered and quickly sneak back down to where they were hiding, but on the way they bumped into a Nazi.

The Nazi guard was furious. He was furious because he had no clue what to do. "You're lucky we aren't in Germany and I'm the only guard on this ship, otherwise I wouldn't be so nice. I'll send you two off in the little boats attached to ship but I want all the food you took, it's just a few more hours until we reach land," said the guard. "Thank you so much officer!" Andrew gave him back all the food and ran back to tell Ryan, they were both very excited and hungry. The officer helped them onto boat and off they went. Within a couple of hours, they made it to New York where they met up with Ryan's uncle. Ryan's uncle gave them a lot of food and assured that they would be safe with him.

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