Safest Way to Treat Cancer By:tristan winkers

Cell Division and How it Relates to cancer cells

Through out your body, your cells will continue to divide as you grow. The cell will begin to get larger and to copy its DNA. It will then start to go to each end of the cell and line its DNA in a line. Once the DNA is in a line, it will be pulled to each side of cell. Once the DNA is at each side. The cell will start to pull itself apart and become two. The DNA will be put back into a nucleus and it Becomes two cells. This relates to the cancer cells, because the cancer cells were originally your normal cells but the normal cells did not want to follow the rules and copied something else. The cancer cells then rapidly divide and begin to clump together. If the cancer is not caught early enough the cancer can spread to other parts of the body and even organs

Safest Way to Treat Cancer

There really is no answer that is the safest, But surgery would be considered to be the safest. Surgery will remove the clump of cancer cells, also called a Tumor, from the host that it had lived in. Surgery include laser surgery, Laparoscopic surgery, Mohs' Surgery, And cryosurgery. The Laser Surgery uses beams of light that target and destroy the cancer cells. Laparoscopic Surgery uses and camera that the doctor uses to look and examine the tumor. The doctor then uses special surgical tools to take the tumor out. Mohs' surgery takes the cancer cells out by layers. They take the layers out one at a time to examine the rest and make sure that the healthy cells are left untouched. The Cryosurgery Freezes the cells and destroys them with cold material.

How this treatment compares to others

The way that this treatment compares to others is really simple. The surgery is where they go into the body and remove the tumor from the body. Where as radiation and chemo can have side affects and could make you feel sick and lose hair. Many patients get different types of the treatment and can even have two of the ways to treat the cancer

Does safe mean Effective

No, there are some safe surgery's that might not be effective. When the surgeon takes a tumor out. It is possible that he could have missed some and the tumor can start to grow back. If the tumor grows back, they might have to try another surgery or do radiation or chemo. The most effective way to treat cancer depends on the cancer. Once the doctors figure out which type of cancer the patient has, they then can determine which form of treatment is the most effective.


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