Japanese Internment Camps:Should they have been established? Naomi Strauther

What were Japanese Internment Camps?

During World War II, the Japanese military forces bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. The Japanese in America faced racial prejudice and discrimination, along with rumors that they were trying to undermine the American war effort. Two months after the bombing, President FDR signed the Executive Order 9066. It required that all people of Japanese descent, whether they were loyal or citizens of the US, were relocated from the West Coast and put into internment camps across the country.

Should the Japanese have been Placed in Internment Camps?

There were mixed feelings and different opinions of Executive order 9066; some believed it was the best for the well being of the nation, and others believed it was unethical and unfair.

Different Perspectives:

Yes: The Japanese should have been put in the Internment Camps because it guaranteed the safety of all American citizens. In document 3, it mentions that “...the public welfare demands that the paramount importance of the safety of this nation subjugates such individual attitude on the part of individual Japanese nationals and persons…” This section of the article states that the welfare of America overrides any individual arguments/opinions in favor of the Japanese. Even though not all people of Japanese descent were not enemies, it was safer to put all Japanese people in camps until the war was over, in order to prevent any attacks at all costs.

No: The Japanese should not have been forced into internment camps because it deprived people, many of them American citizens, of human rights. According to document 4, “nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law…” Despite the fact that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, Japanese Americans were citizens of America, and without a trial/proof that they were spies, or not loyal to America, they shouldn't have been deprived of rights.

My Opinion...

Personally, I don't believe that Japanese-Americans should have been placed in internment camps. Executive order 9066 took away rights that all people should have, even according to the constitution. The people who attacked Pearl Harbor were soldiers, but the Japanese being targeted in America were citizens/normal people who probably had nothing to do with the war or the bombing. Overall, I believe that Executive Order 9066 was a hasty and unethical decision, fueled by racial prejudice and nationwide paranoia.

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