Issues in Pakistan By: taYlor morse, madison snyder and angie rivera

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Taylor's letter

Madis documentary

Angie's art piece


How the women look in Pakistan

Not only women, but children and men as well face problems such as human trafficking and drug abuse. Other problems include mistreatment of women by men. This issue is not only in Pakistan but it is also takes place in many other parts of the world. In the book Broken Moon by Kim Antieau the topics it focuses on are drug use, human trafficking and also mistreatment of women. Many people face these excruciating problems that not many people might realize happens in this world. The main character in the story Nadira has a younger brother who was child trafficked. As her journey began to find her brother there was a lot of gender discrimination. Having no success, Nadira made the dangerous decision to disguise herself as a boy so she can be taken to the camel camps and search for her brother Umar. Nadira learned that small boys are often kidnapped or sold to be taken to the Gulf States to be used (and often abused) as camel jockeys. Many women experience gender discrimination. Men often refer to them as something less than they are. This happened a lot in Nadira's village throughout the novel. This not only happened to Nadira but also to the rest of the women in the village. Many people who've been through human trafficking and gender mistreatment (women) suffer long-term affects that most can not recover from.

The main purpose for this magazine is to inform people about Drug abuse and human trafficking. Also to inform people about the effectiveness of mistreatment of women. Also human trafficking not only to women but to men and children as well. In this magazine you will gain information through a documentary, an artistic piece and through a letter that was written. Through the documentary human trafficking will be explained through photos and facts explain the effectiveness and how human trafficking happens. A letter was written to Nadira's brother who moved to the United Kingdom explaining what has been happening with the use of drugs and downfalls within the family. Through this you will get informed of the drug mistreatment and smuggling that takes place in South Asia. Through an artistic piece you will be able to view and explore different human trafficking experiences that occurred in South Asia. All of these pieces will hopefully, show readers this major problem and the effectiveness of the misuse of drugs also, human trafficking.

Letter written to Samuel by Taylor Morse

Dear Samuel,

Everything around here has changed since you left, in 2008. I really wish you wouldn't have left. Now, I'm all alone in this cold, horrible mess. Before you left, everything was okay, things were on okay terms. But now, not so much.. Did you know that now, Pakistan is the worlds most heroin-addicted country in the world? I really can't believe how much it's changed. It's so scary to live here now, it's so dangerous. The streets are filled with drug deals and the amount of drug abuse is causing most of the violence here. I even sometimes get involved with this mess. The few kids at school try to get me to do drugs, which I hate. I of course always say no. Momma tells me that if I get involved I have to get out of the house which I really can't do because I'm only 14, and have no where to go. Momma always tells me how she misses you, her dear son. But, she knows that you had to move to the United Kingdom for collage. Can you believe that Pakistanis illegal drug trade is believed to generate $12 billion a year. It's crazy that 6.7 million people used drugs, just last year! Almost 700 people die a day because of drug overdose. It's so sad how much it's went down hill. Estimates have been took about how much heroin is smoked and injected each year, and it came out to be 44 tons. In just one year! Another thing that's scary is there are many gangs around here now. There are 106 gangs including 13 international gangs that's have been busted this year with drug confiscations. Me and Sarah aren't best friends anymore because she got involved with one of the gangs and momma made me stop being friends with her. She started using heroin, and she overdosed. Her momma had an ambulance come and giver her cpr, she's in recovery right now. I really wish I could see her. I wanna know how she's holding up. She hasn't been in school because she's still sick. Hopefully she will learn from this, and momma will let me see her again. Just last year in 2015, around 344 people were prosecuted. In 2014, 426 people were prosecuted; in 2013, 540; and 552 in 2012. All together that's 1,862 people in the last four years! Recently, 232 packages of heroin estimated $92 million, were seized on a Pakistani boat off the coast of India. This drug abuse is ruining Pakistan. He links between narcotics and terrorism are quiet evident in the war between the Pakistan state and Baloch separatists.

Love your little sister,


Letter written to Becca by Taylor Morse

Hey Becca,

It's so good hearing from you! I miss you and momma so much. Collage is going good, lots of homework that come with it. I think I'm coming home in May to visit, but I'm not sure yet because I'm loaded with school work. Oh no! All of that is a lot to take in. Do you know how all my friends are doing? I wonder if Ali and Salman got involved with that. I really hope not. The UK's drug use isn't as bad as that, but it's starting rise, more and more. I agree you stay away from the kids who do that. That can ruin your life, and your whole future. Even if you only try it once you could get addicted for life. I hope Sarah gets better, she was always over at the house helping you and momma. I wish your school would try and stop the drug use in the kids that go to your school, but they can't really do much I guess. Here in the UK., an estimated one in three adults -about 12 million people- have ever taken an illicit drug in their lifetime. Three million have in the past year, and 1.7 million people had done so in the last month. I stay away from that, I really want this doctorate degree. Drug use here is also mostly used in younger people. For people aged 16-24, 2.5 million people had ever taken an illicit drug in their lifetime. 1.3 million in the last year, and 700,000 people have done so in the last month. Adults also do drugs too, 5 million adults have ever taken class A drugs; one million had in the last year; and half a million have in the past month. I have to go now. I have so much homework, to get done in so little time. Talk to you soon, and stay out of trouble! Tell momma I miss her, please.

Love your older brother,


Human Trafficking in Pakistan by Madison Snyder


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