Stock Identification page

Topic 1: Stock is a flavorful liquid made by gently simmering bones and/or vegetables. Stocks form a base for many soups and sauces. Stocks should be flavorful and not strong to where it overpowers all the other ingredients. A stock includes 5 quarts of water, 5 pounds of bones and, 4 pounds of mirepoix.
Topic 2: White stock is a pale liquid made by simmering poultry, beef, or fish bones. White stock is made without colored seasonings. It is often used in white sauces.
Topic 3: Brown stock is made in an amber liquid. It includes simmering poultry, beef, veal, or game bones that have been browned first. Brown stock gives itself color from all the meats it's mixed with.
Topic 4: Fumet is very similar to fish stock. It is a highly flavored stock made with fish bones. Fumet is often boiled down to concentrate the flavor.
Topic 5: Court bouillon is an aromatic vegetable broth. It's used for poaching fish or any seafood. It is also used for poaching vegetables, eggs, sweetbread, cookscombs, and delicate meats.
Topic 6: Bouillon/ Broth is a french cuisine. It is usually made from simmering of mirepoix and aromatic herbs. With either beef, veal, or poultry bones and/or shrimp or vegetables in boiling water.
Topic 7: This is a rich lightly reduced stock. It's made with meat dishes. It's also made with a light gravy from jucie that is given off by meat.
Topic 8: Glace is a light brown sauce used by itself as a base for other sauces. It is traditionally made by combining equal parts of veal stock and espagnole sauce. The mixture is then simmered and reduced in half.
Topic 9: Remouillage is a stock that is made from bones that have already been used once to make a stock. The stock is weaker that the first stock and is sometimes called "second stock". It is sometimes used for water in making another stock or is reduced to make a glace.
Topic 10: Stocks are often made with vegetables. In a vegetable stock it includes chopped onions, carrots, and celery. These vegetables are known as mirepoix.
Topic 11: I think stocks are important because they help make up soups and sauces. Stocks are the base to the soups and sauces we make. Stocks are made in all different ways, and make up different things.

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