English 150-045 By: Savannah blair

I received an email late August, explaining that I was in a cohort. I didn't know that this was the best learning opportunity i've ever had in my life. I was put in the cohort because I have a low GPA and low ACT score. I learned that some good come out of bad. I've met some forever friends and had the best education in my life thus far.

We are able edit a document for consistent point of view, standard grammar usage, mechanics and punctuation. We are able to do this because we were taught how and then we were graded upon this, and given the chance of rewriting a document for a better grade. We can learn to take our time the first time because simple errors do occur.

We are able to critique other’s drafts and work collaboratively on a writing problem. We were given a grade on peer reviewing other's work. This teaches us to work together to achieve certain levels of greatness.

I am able to produce effective written communication demonstrating appropriate use of language, sentence structure, grammar, and mechanics. I can do this because I complete our Mcgraw hill assignments ans took my time doing them. In the future this will direct me on staying on track with all things in my life and slowing down.

As a class we learned analyze and define the needs of their intended audience. We did this by doing all of our unit papers. This will help us communicate to others in the future, whether it be workplace or everyday life.

In English we learned to adapt to the workplace and produce a variety of written documents as required, by working hard everyday and collaborating whilst doing so. This teaches us to be adaptable and adjust to anything life throws your way.

I learned to develop ideas and find reliable resources for my writing. I did this by working effectively and rewriting some work to turn in for a better grade. In the future I will not procrastinate and set things off.

The class worked effectively with others to produce and/or revise written materials. We did this by asking questions and doing group work.This is different than what I thought college would be like because I didn't know group work was a real thing in college.

As a class we can analyze and define the purpose of our writing, We learned this by always doing reflections of our unit projects. This is also another thing I did not expect in college. I thought once you were done with something you were done and that was final.

Our class improve their content and style using feedback and revision, and also critiqued other’s drafts and work collaboratively on a writing problem. When we worked together and peer review as a class and gave each other feedback constantly. I learned that I need to communicate with a purpose and stat focus on the assignment, to get things done.


English 150-045

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