Photo I Final Portfolio By Lin Silver

Photography I

This class is designed to teach the students the basics of using a camera, and to raise exceptional photographers. Throughout the course each person has individually shot hundreds of pictures. Our pictures were shot for specific projects for different appearances.

Understanding Aperture and Shutter Speed

Our beginning project was based around using the ISO, aperture, and shutter to create correct exposure. We also had to uses these part of the camera to take four pictures; long and shot depth of field, blurred motion, and frozen motion.

The most important concepts that we learned in this project were all the different components of a camera. I think my strongest part of this project was the ability to create unique and thought out images, and have them turn out decent.

Creative White Balance

Our second project was white balance. The goal of the project was to use the white balance to change the temperature of the pictures; making them warmer or cooler.

My strongest image in this project was these final two of the icicles. Most people who took pictures of snow or ice created a cooler blue color, for example the first pictures of the set. I believe the icicles are my strongest image because of this change and difference from all others.


The purpose of the composition was to arrange elements to create an aesthetically pleasing appearance. My pictures were emphasis, movement, and texture.

The level of creativity in these pictures were much higher than the level in my last project, which makes this be the strongest component to the project. Looking at both projects this creativity was, what I believe, the best improvement. My strongest image is the bottom one of my hand because I was able to bring out the texture of the hand very well.


The light project was about capturing light in a way that makes the picture much more appealing; the picture would not look as nice without the light. The top 2 pictures are ambient lighting pictures. Our other sub-project was product photography.

The most important concept in this project was the importance of the placement of lights. In the product photography, setting lights up in the best way was quite difficult to remove shadows. I think my strongest image is the product photography of the Rubik's Cubes. The puddy was quite sticky and, strong..... which made this the strongest image. Actually, it is my strongest because I was able to show the name of what this produce is, but at the same time show different types of cubes and what they are capable of doing.


This project was about photojournalism. Each person in our class was assigned a decade to find 3 pictures in and tell the story behind the picture. My decade was the 2010's so I was able to chose very recent events.

I think my strengths in this project was finding news recorded by images in times earlier than this or the past year. Since I got the most recent years I think most people would have just done current events, but I wanted to expand on that. Important concepts that I learned were more from watching people's projects from earlier decades. I learned how people had to take pictures so long ago. Specifically I learned why most people in old pictures are not smiling; because taking the picture would be so long, holding a smile for that time period would be hard.


Over the spring break, everyone in the photo class had to take pictures of four things that we had done in over the break. Since almost everyone always has their smart phone on them, pictures are often taken with the phones. Our assignment was to take the four pictures and edit each of them with different editor apps.

I believe the strongest image of these is the far left picture of the broken glass. Using the app EverCam, I was able to make the cracks pop out in the image. The emphasis on the broken parts made this picture the strongest.


Portraits tell something both of who was being photographed, and who was taking the picture. The intention of the image reveals a part of the character of the photographer.

The important concepts learned during this project was all the separate tools used to make the portraits more appealing; the Photoshop techniques to clean up the pictures and faces.

Me, Myself, and I

The Me Myself, and I project was to create an image with ourselves in it multiple times; the more times there are overlaps, the better.

I think both my strongest and weakest part of this project was Photoshop. I was able to incorporate quite a few persons in this image, which lead to overlaps. Overall i think the Photoshop was great, but after looking closer many of the people who overlap have a glow around the bodies where an overlap occurred.

Trick Photography

Trick photography was to make something happen that was absurd, and make it look plausible. No photoshopping was allowed on this project besides the basic levels.

My weakness in this project was the ability to focus well. For the first image, I found it quite difficult to focus both on the toy soldier which was in the foreground, as well as the person in the background. I think my strongest image is the image one the right. Other people had done tricks similar to this one, making an electronic's screen appear transparent, but I had done something slightly different. My image, not only made the screen transparent, but also had the appearance of something coming out from the screen.

Light Painting

Light painting was done with a low ISO and, depending on what was being painted, a long shutter. Light painting is done by moving a light around in front of the camera which will record the light with it's long shutter. The purpose was to create an image with light in a very creative way.

Raava from the Legend of Korra, a follow up series of Avatar: The Last Airbender, was quite an important character. She is the spirit of light and if often seen in the colors white or blue. Taking this picture probably took at least a hundred tries, and the final image had a shutter speed of 106 seconds. I took this picture with a finger light and included me turning the light on and off repeatedly. Since I don't have a remote for my camera, I tapped the eraser of a pencil to the shutter button which allowed me to keep the camera shooting for as long as I liked.

I believe my strongest image for the light painting project is this bottom one. This picture is my strongest because of the fact that I put a lot of time into creating the shape and turned out very well. Also, the thought of creating a character from a show I really enjoy was a great idea.

Style Project

Being our final project, each person chose a specific photographer of his or her choice. We had to do research and create a presentation (not powerpoint) to tell the rest of the people about their artist. In the presentations pictures taken by the person's specific photographer were shown, this is so everyone could look at the images and decide on the style. After everyone had chosen their famous photographer, we were told to take images in the same style. Everyone had to take and edit four pictures to resemble the style of their photographer.

I chose Erik Johansson as my famous photographer. He is a photomanipulator which means he takes many images and then puts the together to create surrealism. Since Erik puts so much time into editing his pictures together, I was told to only do one or two images of my own if they included four images within them.

A few pictures made by Erik Johansson

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