Goldman Sachs Summer Analyst Internship By: Louis Cavallo


  • History and Financial Stability
  • Why Goldman Sachs?
  • Why the Summer Analyst Internship?

History and Financial Stability

  • Founded in 1869
  • 21.62% Net Income Growth in the 2016 fiscal year
  • #74 on Fortune 500 List
  • Valued around $91 Billion

Why Goldman Sachs?

  • Remained on Forbes "Best Companies to Work For" List since its creation in 1998
  • Potential to one day work in the Federal Government
  • Dedication to philanthropy and the success of small business

Goldman Sachs --> U.S. Government

  • Secretary of the Treasury
  • Chief Economic Advisor to the President
  • Head of New York Stock Exchange
  • Head of World Bank

Dedication to Serve Others

  • Countries in Blue represent those receiving Goldman Sachs Grants
  • Have given over $1 Billion to over 5600 organizations in 80 different countries
  • 10,000 Small Businesses Program

Why the Summer Analyst Internship?

  • Internship --> Full-time Position
  • Nationwide Locations
  • Multi-Department Job Training and Company Culture Education
  • Working for one of the world's most prestigious financial institutions


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