People Don't realize how short lie really is. We go about are day without taking a moment to be thankful that you are there for that day.

We never stop and look around. We are always in rush to do are jobs, go to school, eat, and have fun. In Our Town we get to see what its like to be dead.

We get to see the perspective of watching people rush and not taking a moment to be thankful for each other. "Oh, mamma, just look at me one moment as though you really saw me" [ Act three page 107].

I relate to this because I'm one of those people. Who just rush through there trying to get things done fast. Never taking a moment to look around and be thankful for the people around me, the school I get to do, the things I have, and the life I get to live.

Created By
Zachary Miller


Created with images by skeeze - "world earth planet" • Pexels - "architecture buildings city" • ann gav - "various cemeteries" • Unsplash - "time clock movement" • Paco - "rosa flower park"

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