History of Video Games By Anthony


Did you know that there is a game older than asteroids and pac-man? Do you know if you want to make a game you have to code it first. In this article you learn more about video games!!! How they’re made, their unique appearances in the game, and their uses.


Some games you have to play in an arcade like old video games. Old games were played in arcaded, you had to pay to get a token, which is a waste of money. The old games had bad graphics. The old games like pac-man and asteroids, were endless. Other old games had objectives, in Mario you had to rescue the princes. In Pokemon you had to catch pokemon and train them.So now you know what old games were like.


Not like old game we don’t have to play in an arcade, unlike old games now we have games consoles. Game console are useful because you don't have to go to a far away arcade and pay to play the game like old fashion people. The games for the consoles have good graphics and have more controls and are easy. Game consoles had high rated game and they are very fun, Now you know how to get game (in consoles)


You might be wondering what’s the uses of video games? here’s the answer. Some parents might say games are bad for you, but I disagree. Some games are educational, and fun to watch. You could be a youtuber and earn a lot of money, Some people play games because they want to entertain themselves if they’re bored. Now you know why video games are used.


Video games are useful and entertaining in many different ways. Next time if you have nothing to do you could play games.


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