Homesick Sunday by Holly Thompson

The city of Toronto has always been a foreign place to me. I often feel lost in a city so big. The thought of being far from home can make me feel very sick. I could lay in my bed until it goes away, but sometimes it never does. In that moment, I would do anything to go home and I would do anything to be in the presence of my family. The physical distance between home and where I am now, makes me feel so isolated.

This book adresses the way my Sundays occur. On this day of the week, the entirety of my family gets together for a big dinner at my grandmother's house in my hometown. When I am here, I am no longer a part of that experience. Sometimes I find myself thinking about my empty seat around the dinner table. This collection of photographs portrays the coping methods, and the habits I have developed as a result of feeling homesick on Sundays. I begin to notice things that remind me of home, and start to compare my life alone to my life at home. When I am in any sort of isolation, my mind begins to wander - or more specifically, it wanders home.


Holly Thompson

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